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Croatian company offers packaging services and related products under manufacturing agreements

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A Croatian company based in Zagreb, specialized in on-demand design and production of packaging solutions and die-cutting forms, is looking for manufacturers and businesses interested in manufacturing agreements for packaging production for its products or outsourcing/subcontracting part of their packaging production chain including die-cutting tools production, paper sheets lamination and die-cutting services.



The company is run by a small manufacturing family collective from Croatia that has been in the packaging business for 30 years. With over three generations in the branch, the company have gathered vast amounts of knowledge and experience in design and production of every major category of packaging needs. From creating a concept design solution made from paper, cardboard and plastic materials, combining its experiences with costumer’s needs and wishes, to producing of any necessary equipment and materials needed for the realization of a concept, and finally manufacturing it swiftly and economically in its workshop while retaining all needed qualities of the final product.

When it comes to its design area, the company considers itself as ‘’jack of all trades’’ since it came across countless implementations of packaging solutions, from basic square box packages to the most complex ideas of irregular shapes and sizes made from classic and non-standard materials (e.g. archive and museum boxes and packaging made from pH neutral cardboard, self-assemblage advertisement stands/hotspots with interchangeable and customizable product(s) holder pads, custom size single and multi bottle or flask packaging for transport and presentation/shelving of wine, oil, honey and other bottled products, cosmetics packaging with visual modifications etc.).

The company's workshop is equipped with an automatic die-knife bending unit machine for production of flat die-cutting tools necessary for production (die-cutting) designed products. The machine is fast and highly accurate, guaranteeing precision in further production. Additionally, the company owns a semi-automatic high-speed flute laminating machine capable of gluing any two graphical sheets (paper, pasteboard, cardboard), whether as a part of semi-finished materials necessary for its production line or as a service to akin businesses. Finally, the company owns a die-cutting machine in which it cuts out and form the final product from an array of materials (paper, pasteboard, cardboard, laminated sheets with or without offset printed top layer, plastic/PVC sheets).

With modernization and acquisition of new machinery it enlarged its production capacities, and is looking for additional partners for manufacturing agreement for production of custom-made packaging trough all phases of production, from concept to shipping. Additionally, the company is interested in outsourcing/subcontracting agreements for the production of flat die-cutting tools and the service of fast automatic graphical lamination for similar graphic manufacture/post press businesses (50 000+/week B2 size sheets, 25 000+/week B1 size sheets).

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The company's biggest advantage is flexibility – with its machinery not specialized in any specific branch of packaging industry, the company is able to rearrange its production line for most of small and medium sized packaging production orders. Furthermore, it is able to offer more competitive prices of production since doing business in South Eastern Europe is cheaper considering the price of materials and workforce, combined with its approach of trying to find and offer the easiest and most practical solution for packaging needs.

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Primarily, the company is looking for manufacturing businesses and industries, in any area of goods and commodities production in need of contracting the production of custom-made packaging solutions. Partner company should provide this company with all detailed information about the product/products needed to be packed (dimensions, mass, special properties, etc.), with the samples of their products so it can make and test blank template packaging solution and modify it if necessary. Any existing packaging and color offset design files, if they exists, or the partner has its own packaging design solution and/or any wishes and ideas about the design solution if the partner wants it to propose the company can create it. The company will provide a concept solution and modify it per partner’s instructions if needed, propose materials and services needed for the production and timetables for the production, finally produce it in agreed timeline and propose shipping and delivery details and options. Additionally, the company is interested to sign outsourcing agreement or subcontracting for part of the post press production – manufacturing of flat die-cutting tools and service of paper sheets lamination (multi layered gluing – semi-products in graphical industry used in die-cutting). Partner should provide with all the details about the product, timetables and deadlines, and productions phases done prior to its part of the production: correct draft files (.pdf, .dxf, .ai) of the product (if they exist) for the production of flat die-cutting tools; DTP files (.pdf) with offset image needed to be laminated for service of lamination on corrugated cardboard, and materials (top and bottom layers) needed to be laminated. After delivery of all the materials the company can start with the production in agreed timeline. Shipping and delivery details and options will be proposed as well.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland