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Croatian IT company is offering artificial intelligence (AI) retail solution for innovative customer experience in shopping malls

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Croatian SME, based in Split-Dalmatia, is specialized in IT development for the retail sector. One of its products, the AI retail system, integrates effective marketing solutions with a personalized shopping process, at the same time providing the big data analytics and indoor navigation for leading retail companies and shopping centers. The company is looking for a commercial partner for the AI retail system, as well as a joint venture partner or a technical partner for the adapted system.



Founded over a decade ago and based in Split-Dalmatia County, the company employs over 20 IT experts and cooperates with world-renowned AI experts.

The company's focus is on IT solutions and the development of intelligent technology that is based on machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), large data analytics, and computer vision. Its products and systems can be found in the retail sector, transportation %26 logistics, travel %26 hospitality as well as the manufacturing %26 industry sector.

In its current line of products, the company offers advanced monitoring, protection and surveillance systems for ferries and high-frequency locations, systems for banks and financial institutions for matching customers with individual products, operation optimization, order-recognition and counting systems for bars and restaurants, automation systems for shopping centers, and the AI retail solution for the innovative shopping process.

The AI retail solution provides customers with a personalized shopping experience, and at the same time it provides effective advertising at the exact time of the purchasing process, which is of benefit to both retailers and customers. The AI retail system is currently used in several retail locations on the Croatian market and one neighboring country in the Southeast European region. The company seeks to expand by entering new international markets through commercial agreements for the existing system, as well as through the joint venture partnership and technical cooperation for the adapted version of the AI retail system.

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The AI retail system provides several advantages for both customers and retailers. Customers get better innovative shopping experience through: - self-scanning service which provides control of the shopping process, - retail search engine, map %26 indoor navigation and purchase-relevant in-store information, - the automatic payment process, - and reduced queues. The system also provides retailers with multiple benefits including: - effective indoor marketing opportunities, enabling advertisement of products and services during the purchase process, - prevention of shoplifting trough better control, - cost-efficiency in terms of staff, - access to information on customer preferences.

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The company is looking for a commercial partner who has good knowledge and clients in the local retail sector willing to distribute their AI retail system at local market. Furthermore, the company is interested in cooperation through technical agreements or joint venture agreements with partners experienced in ICT R&D or software programming services interested in the further development and adaptation of their AI retail system for the specific needs of new clients.


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Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA