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Croatian producer of blinds and shutters is looking for manufacturing agreements

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The Croatian company is specialized in producing all kinds of blinds and shutters. Also, they are producing window shades, insect screens etc. All their products can be equipped with motor engines and manual remote control with smart control. The company is looking to sign manufacturing and subcontracting agreements with their potential partners.



The Croatian company is a family business with a long tradition, since 1957. The company is a large blind and shutter manufacturer. They offer external blinds, shutters with an internal or external box with insect screens or without them. They have a wide range of window shades, insect screens, shutters and blinds to offer.
Also, all products can have a motor engine, manual remote control and smart controls.
The company is positioned in the central part of Croatia, which allows great traffic connection so that every distributor or a buyer gets their products in the shortest time frame.
The company offers to produce above mentioned products, for their potential partners, in order to sign manufacturing agreement.
Also, the company is offering subcontracting agreement.
The company has ability to produce these products according to specifications from potential partners.
Company operates within manufacturing unit of 450 m² and 300 m² in warehouse space, where 30 employees work. New production units are constantly being added.
Because of high demand and availability to produce more, the company is motivated to find international partners who need these kind of products. At the moment the company is one of the largest blind and shutter manufacturers in Croatia. So this is another great predisposition to be successful on international market and finding suitable business partners.

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Entry control of raw materials, product assembly, checking the width, height and type from specialized department, selected components and colors, testing of final product, recording final product with camera together with order and accompanying accessories, packaging products in nylon with air bubbles, storage of final product in special numbered package, control of unit number and accompanying accessories during delivery. Monitoring the flow of moving products from raw material to final product and product delivery. Individual approach to every client. The possibility of product development for the purposes of a client.

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Already on the market

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The company is expecting cooperation from their potential partners, to produce products for partners according to their specifications and then to sign a manufacturing agreement. Furthermore, Croatian company is looking to sign subcontracting agreement as well, if potential partners have need for a producer of blinds and shutters who will produce those products for them. Ideal partner would be from the same business branch but it is not mandatory. Due to high quality products being manufactured, this company has high potential to be successful on international market.

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SME 11-50