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Croatian producer of natural active crystal composites for a wide range of application (eg mattresses for humans or animals) is looking for distributors of its solution

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A Croatian innovative company specialized in the production of wide range of well-being products with a unique active technology based on crystal composites is offering its crystal composites to be implemented in a wide range of different products. There is a possibility of an easy implementation of bio-crystal components into: bedding, foam and textile industry, pet and horse equipment, plant accessories. The cooperation is envisaged under the distribution agreement.



An innovative Croatian company acts as a global innovator and supplier of technology and products created exclusively on 100% natural grounds. The company invented and launched highly efficient natural mixture which can be incorporated into wide range of products, and contribute to improvement of the overall quality of life.
Their core product, natural mixture is a powerful combination of 16 absolutely natural crystals, whose efficiency and benefits for health are proven by several independent certificates, available upon request from prospective partner.
The mixture of crystal composites contains crystal grinded to a size of 0,4 - 0,1 mm , but also in sizes 10 microns. The crystal composites are available in two forms – crystal mixture and crystal powder . The composite is intended for its implementation into various kinds of foams for products such as mattresses, toppers, but also other products for everyday use.
The mixture upgrades a product into an active one throughout an active treatment. affecting a user’s body by:
• improving energy renewal,
• providing quality rest and recuperation.
The natural mixture has proven efficiency in rising body energy, lessening the stress state, improving sleep quality and making the users more relaxed, contributing to their overall well-being.
Furthermore, this technology is made for easy implementation in existing products and brings an added value to a wide range of products and industries.
Possibility of an easy implementation into:
• Foam industry (bedding, furniture, car, sports, shoes industry, etc.)
• Textile industry (bedding, furniture, clothing, shoes, technical textile, etc.)
• Pet and horse equipment
• Plant accessory
The company wants to expand its business and thus is looking for producers from textile and foam industry, furniture industry, producers of housewares, pets equipment and gardening products who wish to upgrade their products by adding the crystal composites technology into their products and thus improve the quality of their products.
The company team supports all their partners by providing them with a completely developed marketing strategy and created marketing materials.
The company is looking for cooperation under distribution agreement.

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The bio-crystal mixture upgrades a product into an active one throughout an active treatment affecting a user’s body by various benefits such as reducing level of stress, providing faster relaxation, reducing muscle tension, increasing oxygen level, improving sleep quality and decreasing impact of EMF (electromagnetic field).

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The company is looking for partners from bedding, textile and foam industry, furniture industry, producers of housewares, pet equipment and gardening products. The company is looking for manufacturing companies from the mentioned industries which are interested in the implementation of crystal composites into its products. Possible partners are producers who wish to upgrade the quality of their products by implementing the crystal composites into their products. The cooperation could be achieved under distribution agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500