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Croatian SME specialising in web application rapid development based on SQL (Structured Query Language)/NoSQL (Not Only Structured Query Language) databases is looking for subcontracting

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ERP - Electronic Resources Planning
CRM - Customer relationship Management
Maintenance Management System
Systems software
Database and file management
Software services
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The Croatian SME has an innovative approach in custom software solution development, related to ability of legacy migrating from outdated software technology and Excel documents to web database app. It is a very useful feature for numerous sectors such as quality assurance, manufacturing, finance, laboratories, R&D. The SME is interested in subcontracting with business consultant companies engaged in ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementation tasks in the manufacturing area.



This Croatian company was founded in May 1993, bringing together experts in the field of design of information systems and programming, production and business processes. The main activity of the company remained unchanged until today: development, implementation and maintenance of flexible, high-quality and customer-oriented ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions for manufacturing and service industries companies.

Company's solution is an information system built on the 23-year experience of developing and implementing business systems and software support to laboratory and control measurements to be easily and quickly adapted to business processes within the company. The solution also adapts to organisational structure and existing documents enabling graphics creation process, which is determined by procedures within companies.

Custom (tailor made) software is developed exactly to fit real users requirements.
Furthermore, user's Excel documents often store vast of user knowledge and know-how, so this software platform provides an entirely new approach in rapid custom software development resulting with robust web app that exactly fits real requirements.

This is a modern active system that can monitor the trace ability of business processes from inquiry, customer orders, receiving the sample, creating a work order, entry measurements, print sheet of measuring, generate supporting documents to the creation of invoices. All measurements can be easily accessed through reviews that users can independently adjust.
Company's solution has integrated Document and Task Manager, making it possible to centrally manage all documents (scans, electronic documents, photos, videos). Task Manager provides automatic or manual creation of tasks to employees in accordance with the graphic predefined business process.

Company is interested in cooperation/subcontracting with business consultant companies engaged in ERP implementation tasks in manufacturing area (ERP implementation tasks comprises of business process analysis, objectives setting, implementation scheduler, process mapping in accordance to ERP solution, data collecting and converting, integrating, software installation and basic customisation, end-user training and testing in the production environment). Developing and implementing integrated software solution for manufacturing companies is usually very demanding task which largely depends on functionality, quality and adaptability of software modules as well as expertise in all areas of an ERP implementation. The main goal is to achieve a required transformation to improve company’s organisation and information system.

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- Fast development and deployment database applications - Big Data algorithms and processing large amount of data - ERP (enterprise resource planning) for manufacturing companies know-how - Document and task automation based on NoSQL (Not Only Structured Query Language) - Software solutions for quality assurance sectors - Replacing Excel documents with robust web app - Custom software development

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Already on the market

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Potential cooperation partners should have expertise in business consulting and ERP implementation in manufacturing companies. The company is offering training for software products, on line video consultation regarding crucial implementation tasks or specific software customizations based on real end-user’s needs.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250