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A Croatian software company offers its software solutions for industrial and municipal purposes based on artificial intelligence under a commercial agency agreement

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A Croatian software company wishes to cooperate under a commercial agency agreement with partners interested in their new software solutions based on artificial intelligence. One of the solutions identifies if the manufactured end product matches the predefined specifications. The next one enables scanning utility meters without entering the readings manually. The third solution is used for detecting and monitoring road damages to ensure the safety and the smooth flow of traffic.



This software company, based in Croatia, has over 25 years of experience in developing custom software solutions for businesses. More than 80 companies across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria have implemented the Croatian company's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.
The company is also engaged in the rapid development of customised applications using an innovative approach with Excel generated bases, parallel distributed processing for large databases, and algorithm development using the machine learning approach.

Artificial intelligence is nowadays becoming a standard in business and software development and alters our daily lives in many instances. With the aim to simplify tedious everyday tasks done by municipal and industrial employees, the company has developed software solutions based on artificial intelligence.

In manufacturing industries, the end products must match the predefined specifications. Therefore, the Croatian software company developed a software solution that helps determine whether the end product matches the original blueprint. The company's artificial intelligence-based software uses a camera to scan the product and compare the measurements with predefined specifications. It then displays a message notifying the user whether the end product specifications match the original blueprint.

The second product is an analogue and digital meter reader used for reading water, gas, and electricity consumption data. To operate it, the users simply need to photograph the meter with their smartphones for the data to get stored in a centralised database. Although it is not necessary to enter the data manually, there is an option that allows manual data input.

The company’s latest solution is a road safety monitoring software that helps the safety and the smooth flow of traffic. This software is intended to be used by municipal employees and companies in charge of road maintenance. Instead of issuing orders, photographing the damages, and updating the data manually every day, they can now use their smartphone cameras to record the roads. The video gets processed in the application, which allows searching for any road damages, potholes, and traffic signs issues on the map with GPS coordinates. The artificial intelligence algorithms assist in detecting any damages or changes on the road.

In order to expand on foreign markets and find long-term international partners, the company wishes to cooperate with partners that would be willing to act as agents and represent the company and its software solutions based on artificial intelligence on a foreign market. The partners should have experience in selling software solutions. The cooperation would be realised under a commercial agency agreement.

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With more than 25 years of experience, the company strives for development, innovation, and technical excellence in every aspect of the business. By improving its workflow and adapting software solutions to clients’ needs, the company stays competitive in today's market. Every software solution from the company’s portfolio fulfils the criteria of functionality and timely delivery and meets a high price-to-quality ratio. The company’s software solutions based on artificial intelligence are easy to use and require only a smartphone. Furthermore, they are developed to speed up and simplify the daily tasks of municipal and industrial employees, while the smart meter reader can be used in both settings.

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The company wishes to cooperate with commercial agents specialised in the IT sector who would be interested in representing its artificial intelligence-based software solutions on the foreign market, introducing the products to companies active in municipal and industrial sectors. The long-term cooperation would be realised under a commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250