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Cyberphysical system (hardware and software) for water efficiency in different customers and sectors

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A Spanish SME,active in industrial engineering and IT,has developed a cyberphysical system(hardware and software) for water efficiency and consumption in different customers and sectors. The main purpose of this modular technology is to carry water from the water heater to the tap where it will be used, without wasting a single drop in the process.They seek financial agreements, commercial agreements with technical assistance and technology partners/prescribers for technical cooperation.



Water is one of the main natural resources for human life, if not the most important. One of the greatest challenges of our society in this century is to reach a proper and sustainable water usage and management, in order to preserve or improve the current environmental situation of our planet, for ourselves and the generations to come.

Nowadays, there are many individual habits related to daily water consumption that, based on comfort or lack of awareness, seem to be incorrect. We are frequently powerless witnesses of how many litres of cold water are wasted every time we demand hot water.

At this point, any technology in the market is combining hardware and software components at the same time to approach this problem in the consumption process in a friendly and easy way by the user.

In this context, a Southern Spanish SME, active in the areas of industrial engineering and IT, has developed a cyberphysical system for water efficiency.

This solution is a modular water efficiency system made of the following components:

1. Power module - this module will pump hot water from that water heater towards the bypass module, inside a room where hot water has to be used.

2. Bypass module - this unit communicates a hot water pipe with a cold water pipe next to a tap, so that the water flows from one to another during the functioning cycle.

3. On-grid activator module - this module is in charge of starting the cycle and warning with a light signal when the hot water is ready at the desired room.

It aims at solving water consumption issues by: smart hot water recirculation, leak detection, preventing water from freezing inside the pipes, water consumption awareness using big data analysis, water-meter functions with billing features, smart irrigation, water-recycling, among other functionalities.

Therefore, the main purpose of this technology is to carry water from the water heater to the tap where it will be used it, without wasting a single drop in the process. This innovative device pumps water that has cooled in the hot water pipes after the last usage, guiding it towards the cold water pipes in a recirculation process.

The Spanish SME is interested in partnering with several types of entities, depending on the focus of the contact:

* Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought with real state developers and building and installation companies. The Spanish SME would install the technology according to their neesds.

* Technical cooperation with technological companies or prescribers in the construction sector. These partners would contribute with their know-how and expertise to upgrade the technology as well as promote it in their markets.

* Financial agreements are sought with potential investors. They would enter the capital of the company and would provide strategic support as well.

Advantages & innovations

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Advantages 1. It empowers sustainable constructions and installations, generating savings and comfort to the users of these innovations. Usually, when hot water is demanded, the pipe that connects the water heater with a tap is full or cold water. That cold water is the result of a previous consumption of hot water, where the amount kept in the pipes (that left the water heater but did not reach the tap) has gone cold. This quantity is what everybody frequently waste when they desire hot water: from 6 up to 25 litres (1.3-5.5 gallons) of perfect drinking water in every usage. 2. The system can be combined in any kind of building where hot water is used, turning the facility into a smart and efficient one. Innovations 1. The modularity is the key feature of this innovative technology and the reason behind the smart water service it offers. As a result, the five different modules can combine in many ways. 2. Full compatibility with any kind of water heater: solar, electric, gas, fuel and more. The device does not need the addition of extra pipes or water tanks, as it uses the existing plumbing installation and hardware.

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The Spanish SME is interested in several types of agreements: a) Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought with real state developers and building and installation companies. They will be provided the technology and technical support for a right use and implementation. b) Technical cooperation is sought with technological companies or prescribers in the construction sector to further joint development as well as promote it among their clients. c) Financial agreements. The Spanish SME would like to meet new financial partners with whom to grow their technology and company. They would provide financial resources to scale-up.


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