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Cyprus company offers complete enterprise solutions based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence

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The Cyprus start-up company offers innovative, affordable, and efficient automated solutions based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence, machine, and deep learning algorithms to enable businesses to offer the ultimate customer centric experience. It is looking for industry partners or universities with a high level of customer service roles for licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance for adoption of the technologies.



The Cyprus start-up founded in late 2016 is on a mission to provide affordable and efficient automated solutions for businesses and accelerate the world’s transition to Artificial Intelligence (AI) through explainability and intelligibility.

The start-up consists of a multinational team of professionals, and it has achieved sustainable 100% year over year growth since 2017. The company aspires to become a global leader in the AI landscape and Europe’s new unicorn. By mid-2018, the company had already developed and launched four business focused platforms and won awards for automated business performance tools in internationally recognized summits.

The company provides a single platform which can offer an ultimate customer centric experience. The solutions offered are intelligent and easy to use and give businesses insightful, analytical, trusted actions, and results.

The start-up’s solutions enhance Customer Experience (CX) by providing a personalized customer journey using Explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI) and more specifically explainable Machine and Deep Learning (ML/DL) algorithms and interfaces. Every interaction of a company with clients is recorded through various input channels and analysed, to provide personalized suggestions and recommendations. The software goes beyond the state of the art to explain its recommendations and the data it was based on (xAI), in this way making the user more likely to be convinced of the validity of the recommendation and more likely to adopt it. This leads to more actionable and more adoptable recommendations for improving customer experience.

The solution is suitable for businesses with increased needs for customer interactions via customer service such as call centres, banks, universities, amongst others.

It can assist such organizations with digitally transforming their customer service provision.

The company would like to provide its products via a licensing agreement (software as a service – SaaS) or a commercial agreement with technical assistance (potential distributors for the software with the company providing assistance and/or customization during implementation).

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The start-up provides a single platform on which businesses can utilize innovative software collectively offering the ultimate customer centric experience. Through the start-up’s easy to use solutions businesses can obtain insightful, analytical, trusted actions and results. A unique advantage is that customers connect to the most suitable employee during every interaction. As a result, client acquisition efficiency increases and cost per acquisition reduces. Customer support from the most knowledgeable employee increases customer satisfaction, reinforces loyalty and thereby increases customer lifetime value. The company’s technological solutions include software to: • Connect sales, support and marketing to a single platform and tailor every customer interaction to increase conversions and lifetime value. • Artificial Intelligence (AI) development of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis to improve client satisfaction, boosting retention and extending customer loyalty. • Always have access to the highest call quality through the cloud-based telephony platform via thet Telecom solution. • Give customers their preferred payment option and reduce transaction fees with an intelligent payment gateway through the PSP Gateway. • Improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by delivering a personalised experience and reduce Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition with the company's Marketing Tools.

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Already on the market

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Type: Industry, SMEs, Academic Institutions Activity: Industry partners are sought with a high level of customer service activities and a presence in social media. Potential industries with high level of customer service activities are banks / financial institutions, universities, call centres etc. Role: Partners to deploy the technology into customer service systems and call centres to automate customer service. Types of cooperation considered: Commercial agreement with technical assistance or licensing agreements

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SME 11-50,University,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500