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A Czech company engaged in manufacture of components and machine parts is offering cooperation in the field of subcontracting to companies in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

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Engineering services
Wholesale of other machinery and equipment


A Czech company specialised in engineering manufacturing with experience of international cooperation is offering subcontracting in the field of steel structures and manufacturing to customer requirements. They company is looking for partners in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands. The company can made elements with a tonnage since 1 to 10000 kg from all materials, has welding machine body till 20 000 kg and can provide welding of stainless till 2 000 kg.



A Czech engineering manufacturing company is looking for cooperation partners for subcontracting in the field of steel structure and manufacture according to customer requirements.
The company can provide various kind of steel structures, tanks and pressure vessels, heating, structural components, machine parts and machine assemblies, containers, gears, turning, milling and grinding parts, castings and completed turnkey supply of machines. They are offering outsourcing activities in the field of machining, welding, sandblasting, annealing, powder coating, galvanising, etc.
The company is engaged in the manufacture of machinery parts and components, is providing mechanical engineering, procurement contracts for foreign customers and production orders for Czech suppliers with the subsequent sale to foreign countries. It is dealing with the processing of steel according to customer's drawings.
The main current customers are from food, chemical, automotive and engineering industries worldwide.
The company has good knowledge of European market and would like broaden its activities abroad. The company is interested in finding of new cooperation partner especially in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands or in other European countries.

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The company is offering excellent quality of products, complete control of the production and supply, assembly work, complete contract management, checking the time and quality and transport.

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The company expects other companies to collaborate with, in subcontracting castings, steel structures, tanks, pressure vessels, heating, construction parts, machine parts and mechanical assemblies, containers, machined parts and other metal components for the automotive, food, chemical and engineering industry. It will solve their needs to diversity their client portfolio, strength their presence in the market and increase their volume of sales. The company expects other companies to cooperate with they in this or other sectors and help it to be more competitive in the subcontracting sector.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia