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A Czech company offering innovative solution for cable tray systems is looking for distributors in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

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Other industrial equipment and machinery
Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
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A Czech producer of innovative tools for low and high voltage electricity companies is operating with the cable trays in civil engineering as well as technology field. The company is looking for distributors in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Cooperation under a distribution services agreement is considered.



A young Czech company is looking for the distribution partners for their system for cable trays.
The company was established in 2019 by the team of experienced specialists who have found an innovative solution for cable trays suitable for most cable storage systems.
The wide range of product portfolio provides innovative solution for cable pulling to most types of cable trays. The offered solution fits to mesh, sheet metal cable trays as well as to cable ladders. It helps to increase more effective and quicker way to pull the cables through the trays.
The company is looking for long term contract in form of distribution services agreement. The company is active on the Czech market now and would like to broaden its activities to Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.
The partner should provide the services and offer the product portfolio to clients abroad and consolidate the market position.
The partner should be a wholesaler or producer / distributor of cable trays systems.
The Czech manufacturer will provide full technical and business support along with training of their entire product line and its use by individual cable storage system manufacturers.

Advantages & innovations

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The solution of the Czech company helps to reduce the team, means amount of the installers which saves money and protects the cables against the damage by the sharp edges. The company developed innovative construction of the cable rollers on high side of the cable tray, it is a simple and quick fixation which enable easy pulling of cables due to free space in the cable tray. The roller is developed from the plastic material which reduces the friction.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for distribution partners (wholesalers, producers or distributors of cable trays), who are working in high and low electricity field. The technical support is required. The cooperation can be based on distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia


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