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A Czech company offers contract manufacturing and/or contract development of food supplements, with focus on user-friendly forms (tablets, sticks/sachets, powder mixtures) under manufacturing agreement or subcontracting.

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A Czech company is producer of user-friendly food supplements for humans and pets, advanced products, verified with scientific studies. The company disposes of own research & development and certified high-quality production facilities that are available also for contract manufacturing for third parties. They are able to make food supplements in a form of tablets, powders or sticks/sachets. Manufacturing or subcontract agreements are offered to partners seeking a reliable contract manufacturer.



The Czech company is focusing on development and production of supplements for humans and pets, based on functionality verified by scientific studies. So far, the company has assembled a solid portfolio of the products, with production technology being patent protected (EU, USA, Canada).

Manufacturing of the products is carried out in ISO certified high-quality manufacturing facilities. Contract manufacturing is a part of the company´s life and it is backed with own R&D professionals.

Within contract manufacturing, the company focuses on development of solid dosage forms, especially:

• Orally dispersible tablets (ODT)
• Orally dispersible powders
• Per-oral tablets
• Premixes for instant drinks

Production process includes customized production of small-scale/large-scale batches.

• Packing in to primary packaging
• Product labelling (InkJet foil or secondary marking)
• Secondary packaging – paper folding box

In field of tablet production the company provides small-scale/large-scale production.

• Tablet production of various sizes
(diameter 5–12 mm; weight 70–600 mg; according to customer wishes)
• Packing in primary packaging
• Labelling
• Packing in secondary packaging
• InkJet system labelling

As for filling of powder mixtures, the services include:

• Powder mixtures mixing
• Doypacks, sachets, sticks and plastic doses filling
• Labelling
• Packing in secondary packaging
• InkJet system labelling

Fluid bed granulation and drying - small scale/large-scale production
• Materials and mixtures fluid bed granulation in purpose of properties enhancement
• Materials and mixtures fluid bed drying

Partners interested in contract manufacturing are welcomed. Partnership is considered to be on the basis of manufacturing agreements in case when a novel product is to be manufactured or subcontract agreement in case when a partner needs to extend its production.

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High-quality certified production with pharma approach (ISO 22000-2005) Flexible team of R&D professionals Production from small batches

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The company seeks partners interested in manufacturing of their food supplements for humans and/or pets under manufacturing agreement when a new product is to be manufactured or subcontract agreements in case a partner needs to extend its production.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500