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A Czech company providing complete near-surface geophysical surveys seeks outsourcing agreement

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Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
Environmental Engineering / Technology
Measurement and Detection of Pollution
Soil and Groundwater Pollution
Remediation of Contaminated Sites
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For over 20 years a Czech company provides complete geophysical services, home and abroad, working for corporate and municipal partners and in international research projects. They seek partners interested in contracting geophysical services on the basis of the outsourcing agreement or subcontracting.



Since 1994, a Czech company provides geophysical works and subsequent services (geological works, software, blasting works, pyrotechnics, mediation services) in the Czech Republic and also abroad, namely in Europe and Asia. The company disposes of the ISO 9001:2016 certification.

Portfolio of services is quite large; it can include physical services like drilling but most of the work is done on non-destructive basis.
The company builds on its experts with vast knowledge and experience that is translated also to a number of professional books. They are capable to carry out various geophysical tasks in the following areas:

Engineering geology (e.g. physical parameters assessment, underground utilities localization, UXO, radon risk, landslides surveying)

Civil engineering (e.g. roads and railways quality check, stray currents surveying for corrosion risk, depth of bedrock assessment, cavities and voids)

Hydrogeology (e.g. localization of potable water resources and suitable places for hydrogeological wells, assessment of groundwater movement´s direction)

Ore geology (e.g. mapping of ore material´s extent, assessment of overburden thickness, assessment of material´s radioactivity, mapping of tectonics)

Environmental remediation (spatial and volumetric mapping of old landfills, planning of future landfills, assessment of current landfills leakages, mercury pollution)

Archeology (searching of wall-uped spaces (corridors, chimneys), mapping of archeological artefacts, mapping of original walls)

Construction physics

Used methods:
- Geoelectrics (including ground penetrating radar)
- Seismics
- Gravimetry
- Magnetometry
- Radiometry
- Pyrotechnical surveys
- Natural corrosions surveys

The company has worked for companies, municipalities and governmental entities and they have also a solid experience as a partner in international research projects.

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20+ years of geophysical tasks, home and abroad experience in working for municipal and business clients experience in collaboration on research and business projects

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The company seeks partners from corporate and municipal areas. Partners can be municipal authorities and their service companies, companies involved in large projects requiring professionals in geophysical works. We are also open to assist in relevant projects carried out by universities and research institutes. Collaboration could be realized under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500