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A Czech manufacturer of an alternative veterinary antibiotics based on silver molecules is looking for distribution or license partners.

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A small Czech producers of an alternative solution to present antibacterial and antifungal veterinary antibiotics based on silver molecules is looking for partners. The products can be used for both small and large animals and the portfolio includes wound healing gels and creams, products for cleaning of external ear canal, products for dental care, deodorants for odour elimination etc. Commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or licence agreement is sought.



A small Czech company with a long experience in research and development of nanomaterials based on silver molecules offers various products for antibacterial, antifungal veterinary purposes.

Alternative simple and complex chemical elements and compounds of submicron size which have interesting antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties together with biocompatibility with human or animal organism are offered.

A frequent problem is a rise of resistance to classic antibiotics that are unfortunately too frequently applied in medicine, agriculture and many other areas of our life – particularly in medicine inappropriate indication and overuse is a big problem.

The company found a solution in silver element that when processed by their proprietary nanotechnology method produces a new range of veterinary products with antibacterial and antifungal effects. The nanotechnology method enables to fabricate silver in a nanocrystalline quality which markedly enhances its efficiency.

Silver nanoparticles attack the cell wall where it supresses respiration processes, thus lead to literal suffocating the bacterium. Released silver (Ag+ )ionts react with some residues present on numerous enzymes, thus blocking their function. Reactive oxygen species get released as well which ultimately contribute to bacterial death.

The veterinary products are suitable for treatment of otitis. It is efficient against bacterial as well as yeast infection. Since resistance to the product does not arise, ear can be cleaned preventatively.

Also gel suited for application onto the surface of an open wound, including contaminated and necrotising wounds is offered. This product supports granulation and prevents primary and secondary infection. Optimal efficiency is secured by keeping the gel moist.

Another suitable application is cream directly applied on open wounds which cannot be easily bandaged. Typical application may be on surface lesions or small infections between fingers or burns, skin inflammations in the area of head, tails and skin folds dermatitis.

The products are on the market and the company is looking for agents, capable to represent the company on the market on the basis of a commercial agency agreement or they may be distributors with a solid distribution network to cooperate on the basis of distribution services agreement or companies interested in licencing production on the basis of a licence agreement. The company seeks long-term cooperation partnerships.

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- Veterinary products based on silver molecules have antibacterial properties and are an option to classic antibiotics. The products on offer are more animal friendly – they improve healing and shorten recovery period. - The veterinary products offer improvement of healing and shorten the recovery period which is appreciated by the animals´ lovers. - All products were tested by several veterinary clinics and are registered as veterinary medical devices - the products are produced in accordance with GMP (“good manufacture practice) and possess of necessary certificates for EU market.

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Already on the market

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This Czech company is looking for cooperation with partners, interested to be a product distributor or a producer under license. It should be companies from veterinary cosmetics and/or veterinary medicine to pharmacies fields and also on-line shops are possible. The company also seeks agents to represent the company on a market under commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500