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A Czech manufacturer of functional underwear, socks, T-shirts, cooling and thermo-clothing made of functional fibres enriched with silver molecules seeks distribution services agreement

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Advanced Textile Materials
Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Preparation and spinning of textile fibres


A small Czech company produces functional clothes made from fibres enriched with silver molecules that have outstanding anti-bacterial, deodorization and anti-mycotic effects. The products are designed for sport, leisure time or workwear. A production according customer requirement including extreme sizes is possible. The company seeks partners for distribution services agreements and also for commercial agency agreements.



A production of the first products - socks enriches with silver molecules started in the Czech Republic in 2004. Since that time the company proved in the development and production of a number of new functional textile products for leisure time activities, workplaces, for people with skin problems or athletes or travellers.

The company has own skilled team in the development, design, production, marketing and trade, which is in many projects, complemented by external experts from research or practice.
The products have antibacterial effect and they are suitable for those with sensitive skin, they are naturally resistant to odour, have a cooling effect when they are warm and keep warm when the weather is cold. They provide comfort and breathability during wearing.

Company┬┤s functional clothing is also popular among many elite athletes, who have tested the clothes in extreme conditions, for example in The Dakar Rally or Himalayan expedition. Based on that 3 types of clothing have been manufactured:

- Classic line: knitwear composed of cotton, polyester fibre with silver molecules and branded elastane

- Dakar line: functional knitwear with thermoregulation and antibacterial properties, which is due to a combination of several types of fibres suitable to warm to hot spots and high humidity. Composition of polyester branded fibres and polyester fibres with silver molecules, along with the construction of the fabric that gives the wearer a unique ability to transport moisture and keep skin and clothes as dry as possible.

- Himalaya line: a functional material designed for extreme weather conditions to use as functional thermal underwear. Material is composed of branded fibres and polyester fibres with silver molecules and branded elastane. Special thin and lightweight fabric has excellent quick drying properties, and the garments maximize warmth and breathability in addition to low weight.

The company is looking for a partner for a commercial agency agreement that would act as an agent or a distributor that would cooperate on the basis of distribution services agreement. The company seeks agents that would represent the company on the market and would create partnerships with distributors or chains of stores. The company seeks also distributors interested to distribute the products theough their network.

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- A proprietary nanotechnology that firmly grips silver molecules to fibers - Antimycotic, antibacterial and odor-suppressive fibers used for production of own clothes and underwear - Proprietary combinations of fibers allowing production of clothing for any weather conditions - Long-lasting functionality without release of silver material during wearing and washing

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Already on the market

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This Czech company is looking for cooperation with partners that are interested to be a distributor or agent for their products. The required cooperation will be commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. Wanted partners should be distributors of clothing for sport activities and/or leisure time (urban wear, etc). Traders can offer their products to the retail markets and they must have experience in on-line and/or shop store, marketing and business knowledge, strong local contacts in the retail of functional textile market for example: sportswear, workwear and medical textile.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250