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A Czech pharma company, developing and manufacturing rare food supplements, verified with scientific studies seeks agents and distributors for commercial agency and/or distribution services agreements.

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Czech company develops and manufactures proprietary food supplements with scientifically verified efficiency. These include curcumin with high bioavailability, a migraine fighting solution with high solubility and cellular absorption, a solution for fast fall asleep with high solubility and absorption or sticks with colostrum soluble in mouth. The company seeks agents for company representation or distributors. Expected partnership can be based on commercial agency or distribution agreements.



The Czech company was established in 2015 with an idea to develop and manufacture advanced food supplements, whose functionality will be verified by scientific studies. So far, the company has assembled a solid portfolio of the products, where especially a few deserve special attention:

1. The only food supplement in the world with curcumin with scientifically proven high bioavailability in the form of orally dispersible tablets.

Scientific data show that the product has notably higher absorption and high level of solubility of curcumin. Why curcumin? It is a polyphenol with anti-inflammatory properties, promoting cardiovascular health, reducing risk of diabetes. It can also abate pain and depression.

There is also preliminary evidence that curcumin might slow the progression of some forms of cancer, and prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

2. A product that naturally prevents migraine´s attacks and severe headaches. It is the only product on the market with scientifically proven high solubility and cellular absorption of effective plant extracts - incredibly higher than that of commonly available products

3. A product that commits quick falling asleep due to rapid release of melatonin in orally dispersible tablets. It also induces deep sleep and fresh awaking due to gradual release of plant extracts and vitamins. A scientific study confirmed higher absorption of melatonin in comparison to classic products up to 600 % and increased solubility of melatonin up to 100 %.

4. Colostrum sticks – this 100% natural invention, manufactured with proprietary technology, makes Colostrum and Vitamin D3 simply soluble in the mouth. The product has major impact on health of the immune system.

Products can be delivered also under private label.
The company has several patent pending applications in EU, USA and Canada.

The company wishes to expand abroad with growing production and therefore they wish to find new partners - agents or distributors, capable to roll out the products on their markets, based on commercial agency or distribution agreements. The company wishes to establish a long-term cooperation.

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- Very special products hardly available on the market, supported with scientific studies - Patented solutions and proprietary technologies for production of their solutions ( several patent pending applications in EU, USA and Canada) - ISO 22000: 2005 certificate, the registration for feed production and the certificate of good distribution practice. - only top active substances and hi-tech pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies are used

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Already on the market

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The company is interested to sign distribution services agreement with distributors of food supplements delivering to pharmacies, drugstores, wellness centers, supermarkets or healthy food stores. They are also interested in cooperation based on commercial agency agreement with agents capable of efficient business development on their market. Deliveries of products under private label are negotiable. Partnership expected to be based on commercial agency or distribution agreements.

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500