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Czech producer of cosmetics, food supplements and medical products based on nature is looking for partners for cooperation in the framework of distribution services and manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement.

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Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering


The Czech company deals with development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical innovative and modern products based on the nature. The company produces cosmetics, food supplements and other medical products both under its own brand and under contract manufacturing - private label. The company is looking for partners to cooperate under distribution services agreements, manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement worldwide.



The Czech company is producing state-of-the art dermo cosmetics, food supplements and other medical products in the frame of its brand. The company focuses mainly on the pharmacy market, where it presents not only its products but also products manufactured in the framework of contract manufacturing. There are several branded product lines - the most important are products for after-surgery healing and difficulties, products made of bio cannabis oil developed to treat special skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, line including products for joint nutrition, line of veterinary healing products, line with rejuvenating products for mature skin, line with feminine hygiene products and baby line with products for babies from the first day after birth and others.

The company is currently a strong player in the Czech and Slovak pharmaceutical market in terms of sales in pharmacies, private clinics and drugstore chains. Selected products of the company are also present in several other countries, such as Poland, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Bahrain and the others. Products are divided in multiple lines focusing on various health care problems. The company signs, develops and manufactures their products with use of nanotechnologies and bio active ingredients. The company is seeking business partner since it is not interested in having its subsidiary in countries abroad but it would like to broaden its activities in new markets. Accordingly, the company is searching for a partner to deal with via distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement. The company is interested in finding new partners worldwide, within and out of EU.

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The company offers several branded product lines. Each line is focused on different health issue, involving joint and muscle problems, post-surgery difficulties, dermatological conditions, veterinary care, anti-aging products, skincare for mature skin, baby line, feminine hygiene and many other issues. Products are highly innovative, based on natural and sought-after active ingredients. Ingredients such as bio cannabis oil, Gingko biloba, ginseng, Japanese Reishi mushrooms, collagen, hyaluronic acid, harpagophytum, vitamins and others are used in the products, together with modern and innovative methods including nanotechnologies and nanocomposites developed in cooperation with renowned universities and professionals.

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Distribution services agreement: The company is looking for distributors in order to distribute its products to pharmacies, drugstore chains, private clinics, doctors and medical centres. The partner should conduct certain activities, such as marketing and sales, in the end user country by themselves, however the Czech company is opened to financial contribution on these activities. The Czech company can provide its branded products and all supporting materials together with possible cooperation on development of new products or modification of existing products in order to meet the expectations of the potential partner and his clients. Manufacturing agreement: One of core activities of the Czech company is contract manufacture or private label manufacture. The company offers a complex service including design, development, manufacturing and distribution of medical cosmetics, food supplements or medical devices in Czech and Slovak markets based on desires of private customers. Joint venture: The company is seeking a suitable partner for distrubution on markets abroad. One of the options of cooperation is also entering into a joint venture with local company in order to increase mutual interest. The ideal combination the Czech company prefers is that they ensure the development and production and the joint venture partner will ensure distribution and marketing on local market.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250


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