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Czech producer of measuring equipment seeks distributors

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Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation
Repair of electronic and optical equipment


An experienced Czech company specialised in production of measuring instrument - panels, switchboards and revision instruments, shunts and highly innovative products such as multi-purpose panel instruments and converters, is looking for distributors in Germany, Austria, Russia and Poland. The company is over 100 year on the market and is offering a wide range of electrical instruments, shunts and locomotive tachographs.



The Czech company is looking for an distributor in Germany, Austria, Russia and Poland. The production includes classic products (panels, switchboards and revision instruments, shunts)
and highly innovative products (multi-purpose panel instruments and converters).
The company is for more than 100 years a manufacturer of:
- panel and switchboards instruments,
- converters of electrical quantities,
- combined revision instruments, instruments for insulation resistance and ground resistance measurement, instruments for revision of electrical devices, appliances and electrical
- multi-purpose panel measuring device with TFT (thin-film transistor) display,
- multi-purpose converter of quantities,
- shunts,
- locomotive tachographs.
The company is offering calibration services and warranty and post-warranty service.
The company has already international partnership in some European countries but they are keen in finding new cooperation partners.
The company is looking for international cooperation on the basis of distributor services agreement (to sell the products on the other territories). The company is offering the exclusivity
to the partner.
The partner should know the local market and should secure the basic service of the products.
From side of the Czech company are offered:
- scales for measuring devices,
- plastic housing of instruments,
- shunts for ampere-meters (usually up to 3000 amps),
- measuring system of instruments,
- services – calibration, warranty and post-warranty services
- revolution sensor for tachographs.

Advantages & innovations

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The company is over 100 years on the market, is well known and is successfully operating on the Czech and international market. The main advantage is a wide range of offered products, services and wide calibration services. The company can provide metrology and calibration services from mechanical gauges to control instruments, special calibrations for luxmeters or insulation resistance measurements. The company provides warranty and post-warranty service on all of its devices. There is a 36-month warranty period on companies devices and all warranty repairs are free of charge within this period. The company has its own research base. The Czech company has long-year working experience with large state customers, foreign manufacturers, and suppliers of measuring equipment.

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Already on the market

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Distribution services agreement: the partner should secure the sale of the measurement devices on the local market. The partner would provide a basic service of the products.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia