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Czech producer of original, economical, non-electric washers of individual restaurant glassware seeks distributors

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A Czech family company has developed and now manufactures original, non-electric washers, suitable for immediate, individual, washing of various types of restaurant glass. Available in various colours it uses high-quality components and materials only. The product is based on a principle of cold water pressure and cleans each glass in seconds. The company seeks distributors in Europe (especially Southern and Eastern Europe) under distribution services agreements.



A Czech family company has started its business in 1997 as a distributor for HORECA (hotels/restaurants/cafés) market.

In 2005 they completed their first own product – a non-electric washer for immediate cleaning of restaurant glassware. From the inception, the company uses only high-quality components from EU and the product is well designed for purposes of its smooth operation and for occasional need of dismantling/reassembly in case when the product requires cleaning.

The product on offer is designed in two versions, as a single-cylinder and double-cylinder, non-electric washer both types available in various colours - see photos. Non-electric washer is put in washbasin where, after being connected with cold water inlet pipe, it allows immediate cleaning of individual glasses within seconds. In the 2018 company launched a new product- double-cylinder glass washer on the bar desk. The second innovation is a new type (thinner) of upper goggles of the unit - please see photos.

The product is suitable for those restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés where is need of both, need of immediate, fast cleaning of various or identical shapes of glassware and need of considerable savings on water - water rinse is activated only when the glassware is actually being washed. And, of course, cleaning process is much more hygienic, when compared with hand-cleaning.

While the non-electric washers operate on the cold-water-principle, a quality of cleaning is even enhanced with special washing tablets.

The company is well established on the Czech market and in Germany and currently it grows on foreign markets as well, particularly in, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. On the mentioned markets but also on other markets the company seeks distributors under distribution services agreement.

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- Suitable for washing various shapes of glassware including beer glasses with handles, i.e. the 1L beer glasses - Functionality based on the principle of cold water pressure - Zero energy demand = energy savings - Considerable saving of water thanks to its economical washing system - More hygienic than classic washing in a washing-up basin - Simple and fast operation, easy cleaning

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Already on the market

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The company seeks distributors supplying to restaurants, pubs, hotels and other restaurant facilities. It is expected that a partner will provide after-sales services.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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