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A Czech provider of economic and environmentally friendly cup solutions is looking for new foreign distributors

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The well-established family-owned Czech company develops and manufactures innovative and genuine returnable cups and provides complementary services. The market is various events with tens up to many thousands of visitors. The products/services save environment and customer´s time/money. The company business is very successful within Czechia and Slovakia. The company needs to find new enthusiastic value added distributors from abroad for selling products and providing service (afterwards).



The company is a family business, established in 2011, which has become the leader of the market with reusable cups and related services in the Czech Republic over the last 10 years. Its success was driven by their enthusiasm and approach to customers – company has tried to find the ideal solution for clients with different needs.

The company manufactures cups for its customers and secure the cups’ servicing at various cultural, social and sports events. It cooperates with the biggest festivals, sports clubs and organisers of social and cultural events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries.

At the same time, it can provide services and ensure the production of original printed cups for a small company or event.
The reusable cups are ecological and economical solutions tailored exactly to various needs. The unique clip allows users to hang the cup wherever they want.

It is a drinking cup designed for multiple use in many different types of events. It guarantees excellent thermal and insulation properties (keeps beverages such as beer and tea cold and warm for a longer period of time). It also provides greater comfort during consumption due to the strength of the material and a practical clip for belt hanging. At the same time it can become a nice souvenir from the festival, sporting or cultural event to which users were part of!

The main advantage of the company´s cups is their reusability. Every year, the company replaces at the biggest summer open air events, festivals and concerts in the Czech Republic millions of disposable single-use cup that had been sent to landfills or burned and polluted the environment in the past.

The company developed own automatic cup cleaning lines as well as whole logistic model ensuring satisfaction of its clients.
The company´s cups has become very popular in recent years. This is proven by the fact that the charm of the refundable deposit is being discovered in cities, stadiums, zoo gardens, parks, campsites, clubs and in many other venues and locations.

People like to keep the cup as a practical souvenir that they can use again. They use the cups at home for a garden party or even when travelling. People also like this meaningful ecological solution more and more, so the demand is ensured also for the future. The company´s cups are an ideal solution for everyone not indifferent to planet Earth’s future. For example, breweries are interested in cooperation with the company, because they can ensure their contribution to sustainability via usage of the reusable cups in their distribution channels.

The company is going to abroad, so the new value-added distributors are sought all around the world, especially from other European countries where direct support towards to new partner is relatively easier.

Advantages & innovations

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THE CUP BENEFITS: • Clean environment due to returnable cups with deposit. • Financial benefit from cups not returned to the vendor. • Advertisement space = printable cup surface. • Savings on cleaning and waste disposal. • Consumer comfort provided by durable cup. • Practical clip for hanging = user friendly. • Longlife reusable washable cups. THE SERVICE BENEFITS: • Cup rent / storage service. • 24h clean cup delivery service. • 24h used cup collection service. • Staff training prior and during festival. • The company´s coordinator on call 24h. • High quality of delivered, sold, used and collected cups ensured by visual monitoring of cups.

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The company is looking for new foreign partners that are also enthusiastic about solving of the sustainability issue. The partner sought should have a certain knowledge (contacts, stakeholders, etc.) of relevant sectors in their territory. The relevant sectors are mainly beverages markets or event management market. The partner sought should have a capital for starting of cooperation based on simple reselling of the cups. It is expected that after validation via reselling, the distribution partner will start to provide also above-mentioned value-added services, as these services make the business resistant against potential competitors and enable higher margins. The company can provide comprehensive support to their distributing partners. Specifically, the support lays in sharing of the company´s knowledge about go-to-market strategy and marketing materials. The company can also provide own protected trademark. The company can also deliver automatic cup cleaning lines and including related consultancy (ramping up, troubleshooting, etc). It is important to say that there is a more than sufficient space for distributor´s margin.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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