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A Czech SME is looking for a supplier of a lighter and cheaper material to replace currently used aluminium plate castings based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance

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A Czech SME focused on R&D is looking for a supplier of a lighter and cheaper material for replacing currently used aluminium castings while qualitative and technical parameters must be met (see Technical specification). The preferred partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



The Czech SME is active in research and development of technological solutions for separation and purification of various liquid mixtures, solutions and gases.

The SME has developed an electro-deionization module for producing ultrapure water for energy, semiconductor and chemical industries. Electro-deionization, unlike classical mixed-bed ion-exchange technologies, produces a constant quality ultrapure water without using aggressive regeneration chemicals.

The module is encapsulated with six metal plates to provide tightness and mechanical stiffness. These plates are made of aluminium alloy AlSiMgTi according to the EN1706:1998 and are produced by sand casting with finished surface.

The SME is developing new generation of its electro-deionization module and is looking for an alternative material for side plates. The SME is interested in replacing the aluminium castings with a new material, which would guarantee keeping the quality of the product, namely stiffness and pressure.

At present there is no preference regarding the material while, for example, steel is considered to be too heavy for the desired application. Therefore, plastics, composites, 3D-printing or any other solution suggested will be seriously considered.

The partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The required material properties are: - Tensile strength (Rm): min 240 MPa - Yield strength (Rp0,2): min 180 MPa - Ductility (A50 mm): min 3 % - Brinell hardness (HBS): min 85 HBS - Young´s modulus (E): min 70 GPa The module usually works with solutions of maximum temperature 40 °C in continuous operation. Therefore covering plates are exposed to permanent force load. The side plates have dimensions (height x width x depth) (mm): - inlet plates: 811 x 584 x 60 - side plates: 649 x 540 x 54 - top and bottom plates: 582 x 540 x 54 The weight of one side plate should not be higher than 40 kg.

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The SME is looking for a supplier of a new material based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance. If the supplier will be able to also process the new material into the desired product that would be a plus but at this stage it is not expected.

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


A draught of inlet side plate (side view)


A draught of electro-deionization module with coloured highlighted side plates


A draught of inlet side plate (front view)