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Czech supplier of specialised equipment for water management "turnkey" (drinking, industrial water, municipal/industrial wastewater, sludge processing) is looking for trade intermediaries

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Wastewater Recycling
Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
Water, sewerage, chemical and solid waste treatment plants
Water collection, treatment and supply


A Czech company specialised in the supply of equipment for water management "turnkey" (drinking, industrial water, municipal/industrial wastewater, sludge processing) is looking for trade intermediaries with a good knowledge of the local market, customs and companies in Commonwealth of Independent states (CIS) countries, Turkey, Serbia and Israel. The company is experienced in international cooperation and is offering cooperation on the basis of a distribution services agreement.



A Czech manufacturer of water treatment technological equipment including drinking water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, cleaning of swimming pool water and waste water treatment is looking for new partners that would help to broaden its activities.
The company participates in the reconstruction of important Czech power stations as well as in new construction of power plants, waste-water treatments plants and water treatment plants abroad (currently has the company big projects in European as well as in some Asian countries).
The Czech water management company is focused on: industrial water treatment for power stations, heating plants and boiler houses of industrial plants, deliveries of equipment for drinking water treatment and solutions of sludge processing. The company has at its disposal recognised experts in all important fields of water treatment.
The company is looking for trade intermediaries with a good knowledge of the local market, customs and companies in CIS countries, Turkey, Israel and Serbia to find new business opportunity and close new cooperation. The company would like cooperate on the basis of distribution services agreement with companies that can help to find the end-users as industrial enterprises, founders of waste-water treatment plants or water treatment plants or project offices.

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The company cooperates with many leading companies in the region, participates in the reconstruction in construction of new ones and offers the highest quality, process optimising and increased efficiency. The company also offers warranty and post-warranty customer service. The company is able to offer a wide variety of processes in the water service sector in compliance with the strictest European standards. The company has over 20 years of experiences on the European and Asian market, has over 100 references from constructions or reconstructions of small as well as big plants. The company is offering complete services in the field of water treatment and especially in the following areas: water pre-treatment, ion exchange technologies, membrane separation, filtration processes, waste water treatment plants, drinking water treatment, neutralisation stations, cooling water treatment, water thermal treatment, sludge de-watering, treatment of swimming pool waters. The company can provide wide range of activities, from technology proposals, equipment design, turn-key deliveries of equipment, training of operators and staff, process of management and control of technology, consulting activities, studies and technical assistance, equipment service and maintenance, warranty and post-warranty customer service, financing, water analysis to equipment operation.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for reliable partners, distributors that would help to find the end-users, operators and clients. The partner should have an excellent knowledge of local market, customs, legal conditions and local companies (possible clients). The company is interested in a long term cooperation and would like to develop an useful partnership that will bring benefits for both sides.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Armenia, Belarus, Israel, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine