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Danish company looking for manufacturers of wooden transport boxes e.g. in Baltic and Poland

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A growing Danish logistic company with over three decades of experience in purchasing and sales of wooden packaging solutions, used pallets and also in the logistics industry, is looking for manufacturers of wooden transport boxes in the Baltic Countries, Poland and Ukraine.



This Danish company was established in 1987 and has been in growth mode ever since. Their business is made up of two branches - distribution and purchasing of wooden packaging and pallets:
- Euro pallets
- Disposable pallets
- DS ½ pallets (Danish Standard pallets measuring 800 x 600 mm in similar thickness as the EUR pallet)
- Pallet collars and
- Logistics.

They service both public and private clients all over Denmark and cooperate with local municipalities to collect used wooden packaging, taking care of sorting and recycling.

The company is now looking for suppliers of wooden transport boxes. They already cooperate with manufacturers in Sweden and Latvia, but as they are signing more and more clients, they need to speed up production times and have additional manufacturers in Eastern Europe, specifically in the Baltic countries, Poland and/or Ukraine.

The preferred partner must be able to supply delivery at the Danish company’s premises and provide the necessary paperwork and customs declaration. The prices offered must include this.

Advantages & innovations

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Potential manufacturers will engage in a long-term cooperation with a stable distributor, with a solid and wide client base and good potential growth within this new business area.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The wooden boxes have the following requirements: Pallet bottom: • 800 x 600 x 16 mm Box collar measures • 880 X 630 X 300 (L x W x H) • 880 X 630 X 505 (L x W x H) • 880 X 630 X 220 (L x W x H) • 1000 X 630 X 300 (L x W x H) • 1000 X 630 X 505 (L x W x H) Locker: • 880 X 630 X 6 (L x W x H) Material of the hinges: zinc coated steel Thickness: 1.2 mm. The hinges must be the same type of collar hinges as are shown in the photos. Other types of hinges will not be accepted. It's an advantage if the manufacturer can also supply custom made (custom height/size) wooden boxes, to fit ad-hoc product sizes from time to time. All wooden boxes must have traceable tracking number as shown in the photos.

Partner sought

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The potential partner must be a manufacturer able to supply the requested quantity and have in-house manufacturing. They should be able to keep to tight delivery times and all the pallet collars need to meet the exact size requirements. Samples will therefore be required and need to be approved before starting a cooperation. Partners must also be fluent in English in order to ensure successful cooperation and an effective communication. The potential partner will obtain access to the Danish logistical market, both private and public, through a dedicated partner with a large customer base. The expected size per order will be approx one full truck per time. This is a business area under development and is expected to grow based on dialogue with existent and new potential customers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine


Transport box woth locker


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Transport box full view


Transport box seen as knock-down suitable for transport