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Danish company seeks distributors of food ingredients for their long life purée

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A Danish spin-out has developed a patented production process to utilise surplus fruits and vegetables and make them into purées with a long shelf life. They are looking for distribution services agreements with ingredients wholesalers, as well as producers of processed foods.



A small Danish spin-out company was established in 2018 to help mitigate the challenge of food waste. The founder realised that almost 50% of nutrition from food produced in the world was lost somewhere along the value chain. In many cases, food cannot be sold in retail outlets because it contains cosmetic blemishes, or because it has too short a shelf life.
The company designed a patented process to use surplus fruits and vegetables and convert them to a heat-treated, aseptic purée with a long shelf life of between 6-24 months. The product can be used as an ingredient for food production, be processed as a powder, or used for extraction of food colouring, vitamins, and flavours.
The first orders are already signed with major Danish and German food processing companies, and the company is now gearing up to expand their markets. As a result, they are now looking for two types of client:
• Food processing companies or brokers which specialise in producing or selling ingredients such as purées for industrial food production including baby foods, jams, smoothies, ice cream etc. These companies may be interested and able to buy in either powder or purée form for resale to the food processing industry.
• Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, which sell a broad range of products such as breakfast items, beverages, jams etc. In this case, the potential buyers may be interesting in developing products using the powders or purées.
In both cases, the company is offering their products directly under a distribution services agreement.

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- The product contributes to a significant reduction in food waste, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal 12. - It will generate an income to manufacturers of fruits and vegetables which would otherwise have to discard their production. - The purée created has a stable shelf-life of up to 2 years, and is therefore easy to store and use in industrial food production. - The product is highly competitive in terms of cost and therefore an attractive ingredient for food processing companies. - The production can be decentralised, contributing to shorter supply chains and further reducing environmental impact from transport.

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The ideal partner would be a well-established, international food ingredients' specialist wholesaler, typically selling to the baby foods sector, or to manufacturers of jams, fruit smoothies, ice creams and desserts. Alternatively, the company is also interested in industrial manufacturers, where the purées and powders can be used as part of the production process.


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