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Danish company seeks distributors of mobile and semi-mobile soil recycling and soil concrete mixing machines

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A Danish company manufacturing mobile and semi-mobile soil recycling and soil concrete (a mixture of soil, cement and water) mixing machines as well as mobile and semi-mobile concrete batching plants is searching for distributors worldwide to increase their already global presence. The main advantage of the machinery is the possibility to produce concrete at the construction site and to reuse/recycle materials at the construction site during use of the machinery.



The Danish company was established in 1935 as a repair workshop and manufacturer of clay clinkers, but since the mid-1970´s has focussed on the concrete industry. They develop and manufacture concrete mixers and batching plants and have extended their range to include recycling machinery for soil and concrete with the purpose of minimising the amount of waste from building projects, which currently causes large amounts of waste. With 40 employees, they have distributors in more than 40 countries around the world, whom they support with both technical support services and financing of the machinery so the buyer has no payment for the first 12 months.
Although the Danish company already has distributors and partners in more than 40 countries, they are searching for more partners to penetrate the markets deeper.

Their machinery ranges from standard machinery/plants to unique customized solutions, and the recycling machinery and batching plants have been used for both small and large-scale building projects. The machinery meets all the required technical and environmental standards and is very safe to operate.

The Danish company also wants to meet some of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In many countries, sand and aggregates for making concrete are becoming scarce, and the cost of disposing of excavated spoil is prohibitive. Transport costs and the environmental impact of transport is high and traffic congestion in inner cities causes logistical problems. As a result, construction of utilities' pipes in many cities can be expensive and challenging.

As a solution the Danish company has developed a mobile concrete batching machine where the excavated soil is loaded into the machine, which can reuse up to 70 % of the excavated material from trenches. The machinery separates the good material from the poor material, and adds cement and water to produce this "soil concrete", which is a weak-mix concrete. The whole process is carried out on site in the road or street, thereby reducing congestion and transport problems. Cost savings of up to 25% are reported for typical 600mm concrete pipes laid in 2m deep trenches. All the solutions are delivered as integrated systems based on modularity, enabling environmentally friendly on-site construction, which increases sustainability of the production cycle. The machinery can work in temperatures from -40 C to +40 C and they require minimum maintenance.

To assist the representatives in various countries, the company´s service technicians can travel to customers and help them with the installation and servicing of the batching plants/recycling machinery, and help with the training of the customer´s employees.

The Danish company now seeks experienced and established distributors with channels to sell to the segments in building/construction/mining/concrete as well as offshore and wind turbine parks, in order to achieve a wider and more efficient market penetration and thereby increase their global market share.

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- A calculated payback time of the recycling machinery and batching plants between 6-12 months makes the machinery and plants very competitive. - 12 months credit for countries worldwide for a project sum up to EUR 3 million - the Danish company offers an arrangement where the buyer has no payment for the first 12 months, and with a return on investment in less than twelve months that creates a positive cash flow for the buyer. The buyer does therefore not need to borrow money or use own capital to buy the machinery. - More innovative machinery is developed continuously - The machinery contains new software with team viewer and remote control and facilitates: • Concrete production at remote places • On-site production of concrete • Production of concrete on the basis of recycled concrete • Re-use of soil and mixing of moist soil concrete

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A typical cooperation proposal from the Danish company would be that the partner, distributor or dealer first leases a machine, stores it for demonstration purposes and rents it out to customers for testing. The ideal partner will have the relevant knowledge about relevant market segments (e.g. building / construction industry, building wind turbine parks, mining, offshore etc.), competitors and their products, what it takes to promote such machinery and how customer financing enables end-user purchasing. Although the Danish company will assist the partners in any way and in the case of technical problems, it will still be advantageous for the partners to have their own service organisation to support after sales service of the machinery, as this may in some situations be faster and cheaper.

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