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Danish company seeks manufacturing partner that can do tampon print on special shaped drum knobs

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A Danish company is looking for a manufacturing partner that can print on special shaped rotary knobs, used on an electronic breathing device. Production must be scalable upon request. The final product is marketed at athletes aiming to improve breathing performance by training breathing muscles. The company wants to change from laser printing on some plastic parts to tampon/tap printing that is suitable for a high quality product.



The Danish company was founded in 2015, with a determination to develop a leading platform within breathing performance supported by an intelligent system for more effective breathing. In 2019, the product was introduced on the market as the world's first data-driven respiratory trainer. Nowadays, the company sells to more than 100 countries worldwide, mainly to athletes or people who want to improve their well-being.

The respiratory system consists of the physical product, the trainer, supported by a specially developed mobile application. The products consist among others of resistance wheels that provide adjustable restricted airflow. Depending on the selected training programme, duration and intensity, the user is able to select the most appropriate resistance level. The product's electronic unit contains pressure sensors and a Bluetooth transmitter. This allows the measuring of breathing patterns and visualisation on a mobile phone via the dedicated mobile application

The Danish company is looking for an option to change laser engraving printing to pad printing/tampon printing on a round plastic component called a drum. The tampon printing will replace the currently supplied laser print that has an undesired yellow/nicotine look. As a result the new printing technology to be used is aimed to improve the look of the product and the first-sight customer impression.

The company is looking for a long-term European partner under a manufacturing agreement, who can print in high quality and scale the production up with the demand. The amount on the purchase orders are flexible with a minimum capacity of 4000 prints per order. The Danish company will supply the drums to be printed.

Advantages & innovations

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Of all the body's muscle groups, the ones with the power to make a fast difference for performance are the respiratory muscles - simply because they are usually not trained. Together with breathing experts, the Danish company has developed a range of breathing exercises that focus on different areas of breathing to ensure users are able to unlock their full physical potential. This product has therefore a high applicability within the sports' world and within remedial treatment, giving the partner supplying the printed elements, a stable and good income. The main advantages for users of the product are: - improved respiratory strength - increased vital capacity - boosted anaerobic threshold

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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On the main product, there are two types of drums. One of them, has a letter print (A-F) and the second one has a number print(1-6). The drums have bevelling which requires the potential partner to have a special machine that can print right in the centre of the bevel and rotate fixture, with 6 positions. Furthermore, the machine has to be able to hold round objects such as the drum. Also, the print must be durable. As customers' fingers rotate and touch this component regularly, it must not be possible for the print to wear off easily.

Partner sought

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The potential partner should be an expert in the printing industry. Supplying prints for medical and plastic products is considered to be an advantage. The partner should be able to: - tampon print on a plastic component and have the tools to hold round objects such as a drum. - print in the centre of the grip and rotate the fixture with 6 positions. - communicate with the company's headquarter in regards to the purchase orders, delivery plans, claims and report the stock quantities (if any) owned by the Danish company on a monthly basis. - produce according to the guidelines identified in the drawings of the plastic components. - send samples before agreeing to the mass production.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250


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