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Danish developer of high-end motion car and plane motion simulators seeks outsourcing partner for metal components

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An innovative Danish SME develops and produces motion platforms for use with racing and flight simulation games on behalf of prime customers in the gaming industry. The SME is now looking for an outsourcing partner for the production of all metal parts related to the platform, with abilities to handle automated processes, small tolerances, heat treated processes and powder coating at high quality.



Founded in 2013 this Danish SME started their innovative ideas based on a mutual interest in virtual reality combined and interest in racing cars and combat aeroplanes. The wish to develop a motion-based platform that could support the images from the virtual reality experience and by that expand the 3D vision and feelings into an even more complete experience for the user, led to the first prototype model produced in a wood based structure for personal use.

Exploring the markets, the SME found simulator platforms being produced over the years were mainly focused on the gaming environment in arcades and game halls. However, the company found that they could expand the quality level by their own technologies to improve the total experience for users. This led to a high-end product even suitable for Formula 1 car manufacturers for test driving simulation and flight simulation for real pilots under education.

The SME is now looking for a sourcing partner who can provide precision production in a high quality level of all the metal parts for the console units. The preferred partner has a production set-up with the ability to handle hard tubes, sheet metal plates, bending processes, installing inserts and pop rivets. For this, laser cutting or press Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is required. The partner must be able to work with tolerances down to 0.1 mm. Extreme precision is a necessity as all parts must fit tightly together. Furthermore, all parts needs to be heat-treated to ensure the high quality before the required powder coating according to further specifications.

The company expects that an outsourcing partner, preferably from the Baltic Sea region or Eastern Europe will have the potential to engage in further development and processes based on their technology knowledge and experience and by that become an important partner for this Danish SME in relation to future innovation projects.

Advantages & innovations

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The motion unit developed by this Danish SME has a very high accuracy that enables a unique experience for the user when being exposed to a situation mirroring the motions in a racing car or an aeroplane. Extremely precise and fast movements combined with speed and force, superior to alternatives in the market simulate situations from the race track or flight experiences as the motion platform moves fully coordinated by the virtual reality (VR) goggles. The simulation enables race car drivers or air pilots to practice in a virtual room prior to a real life experience and to get acquainted with steering and navigation systems without risk, while making training situations as close to reality as possible.

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This Danish SME is looking for an outsourcing partner experienced in automated production of metal parts for their motion platform. It is required that the partner has experience in precision down to 0.1 mm in tolerances and has the ability to handle tubing and sheet metal, as well as fitting and riveting. For this, laser cutting and / or press CNC is required. Heat treatment must also be available in situ to ensure the necessary quality before powder coating.

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An ideal outsourcing partner would be an experienced machining company, with documented experience of working with metal parts where fine tolerances are required. The partner must have a full machine park for bending pipes, sheet metal work, laser cutting and riveting, and ideally also in-house powder coating. The Danish company would prefer a partner who will take and active part in the production process and engage with the innovation and production process.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden


Racing console for simulation of formula race, airflight or helocopter