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Danish solution for controlling and monitoring decentralized solar power seeking partners

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A Danish SME offers technology that contributes to the global transition towards green energy. This is done by creating easy to use and universal energy management controls, in cooperation with industrial suppliers. The company has taken on the role as the universal energy management system which is both efficient and easy. The SME is looking for technology partners from all over the world to run projects in countries with either weak utility supply or no utility supply at all.



This Danish-based developer of energy management systems for on- and off-grid Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Solar Energy /hybrid plants with gensets and energy storage applications focuses on developing easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate and fully universal solutions at competitive prices lowering the overall project costs and minimizing dependencies on the PLC (Programmable Logistic Controller) based customized designs and portals that are frequently used in the market.

The main control- and logging platform is available in 5 different versions. Covering from Photovoltaic Solar Energy Loggers, Photovoltaic Solar Energy Power Plant Controllers as well as Photovoltaic Solar Energy Hybrid and microgrid plant controllers for a combination of Photovoltaic Solar Energy, diesel/gas or heavy fuel generators, electrical energy storage system and utility power.

All units are available as components and are prepared to be built into various switchboard panels by a local integrator with the option to prepare the set-up. Or they are suitable as a "ready-to-use" solution for own installation and commissioning e.g. by switchboard builders or solar energy producers or for private label solutions.

Via this Photovoltaic Solar Energy solution, you will be able to control and monitor a wide range of inverters, power meters, and genset controllers at the given plant capacity with the opportunity to balance the energy sources and thereby ensure maximum renewable energy usage.
Currently, the company is developing a battery integration solution which is due for release in 2021.

All data that is logged and shown in the cloud solution is fully uniform independent of the brand used in the power application. This enables data sharing with third-party cloud services which ensures full independency in relation to choice of equipment for the power solution.

The company is looking for projects within Photovoltaic Solar Energy mini and microgrids where a combination of various energy sources are needed to be controlled and monitored efficiently to offer its expertise.

The preferred partner should be working in the scope of mini or microgrids or in other solar Photovoltaic Solar Energy related fields where battery energy storage systems (ESS) are integrated. The partner could potentially have their own designed solution for such systems.
Alternatively, the partner could be a supplier of Photovoltaic Solar Energy systems with the need of a universally adaptable energy management system.

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This developer offers a unique approach to Photovoltaic projects as well as Photovoltaic / hybrid projects with a parameter based setup of control and monitoring. For the installation it means that manual coding or mapping of Modbus adresses will not be needed at the installation site. Because of this, less manual work is needed, risk of failure in the installation is minimized and the customer will experience a faster and more secure installation at all times. The benefits of this technology are: ● No Coding is needed saving time and minimizing risk of failure ● Highly stable and constantly tested software base ● Easy training and maintenance ● One platform for multiple brands of energy source equipment This SME is uniquely focused on decentralized solar energy control solutions - built on a background of more than 50 years combined experience in control solutions for decentralized power solution. The company offers dedicated online support and training to enable local users to be able to succeed without the need of costly onsite services.

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The preferred partner should be working in the fields of mini- or microgrids or other solar Photovoltaic Solar Energy related fields where battery energy storage systems (ESS) are integrated. They could potentially have their own designed solution around such systems. Alternative the partner could be a supplier of Photovoltaic Solar Energy systems needing a universally adaptable energy management system. The preferred partner could potentially come from all countries. The company is, however, searching for technology partners who can benefit from the developed energy management system for their projects in countries with either weak utility supply or no utility supply at all (e.g. remote areas, islands or simply areas where energy supply is a challenge). The company expect the new partner(s) to dedicate sales ressource to the solar power segment. Supplementary, products or other industry leading brands in the product portfolio will be beneficial, yet not a demand. Training of the partner(s) will be done online via a structured and well prepared training program.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250