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Design, development and construction of smart urban furniture for joint venture to apply for public tenders

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Applications for Tourism
Applications for Transport and Logistics
Storage of electricity, batteries
Integrated software
Solar/Thermal energy
Other leisure and recreational products and services
Other consumer services (including photo processing)
Advertising and public relations


Spanish SME experienced in design and product engineering offers ad-hoc and turnkey Smart City solutions for joint venture and is looking for companies to bid for public tenders in their country.



The Spanish SME is dedicated to encapsulating Smart Technology, in order to protect it against external factors and vandalism, to provide Smart City services to the citizen, while solving real needs such as charging batteries and communicating with the administration. The company is composed of a multidisciplinary team distributed in the following areas:

- Engineering structures and production
- Product design
- R&D technology
- Legal-administrative advisors
- Technical workers

The company presents a comprehensive product for communication and charging, which houses a point of virtual tourist information, internet access, battery recharge for smartphones, as well as other electronic devices, and covers the needs of users in different levels simultaneously:

- Communication through displays, offering useful information such as location, emergency services, social campaigns, as well as any message that the administration may consider convenient, remotely and in real time. The display is interactive, with the capacity of bidirectional communication, collecting data that besides may be processed.
- Recharge the batteries of electronic devices for free, with a universal tested and independent solution, since the user can directly connect the device without carrying a charger or cables. The service offers a high-speed charge, allowing in a few minutes to recharge in order to continue connecting to the new technologies on which nowadays society depends on significantly, acting at the root of the problem by solving it in an eco-sustainable and intelligent way.
- Free connectivity to users, allowing them access to the internet through a Wi-Fi hotspot, solving, in this case, the need derived from the IoT (internet of things) era as well as collecting a sampling of data to gather user profiles in strategic locations, which shall help to obtain information about the city visitors.
- Sustainable energy, since the platform obtains the energy through photovoltaic solar energy, projecting an image of ecological sustainability, solidarity and innovation.
- Resistant and anti-vandalism solution, tested as a prototype (and adjusted as required) for more than two years in a high traffic area in a city in Spain; during that time the service has never stopped.

Finally, the company is interested especially to join a partner with experience in smart city bids to provide a product based on the solution of real needs:

- Charge smartphones and other electronic devices.
- Provide useful information to the tourist/resident (information point).
- Communication to public administrations.

The company will also take care of the maintenance of the equipment, and management and operation of the turnkey solutions.

The company is seeking for partners (companies or physical persons) specialized in public tenders, to collaborate with them for the introduction of the company products in smart cities.

The desired cooperation agreement is a joint venture, to submit a tender. The engineering company will identify needs, design and produce solutions in own factory, and provide the necessary technical support, and the drafting of the specifications in the legal format necessary to tender in any administration.

Advantages & innovations

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The standard platform is patented. Some of the applications of the modular anti-vandalism outdoor station are: Intelligent and eco-sustainable point of tourist information and communication (see attachment): - Generates photovoltaic energy. - Recharge batteries of smartphones and electric vehicles. - Large format interactive communication display (55"), and small format (10"). - Wi-Fi hotspot. - NFC (near-field communication) platform. - LED lighting. - Extra modules: S.O.S, filming cameras, IoT sensor platform, alert system, e-mobility, etc. - Virtual tourist information point. Smart bus stop (see attachment): - 100% solar modular station. - Recharge smartphone batteries. - Electronic ink screen. - 3G and 4G communication, Wifi. - NFC platform. - LED lighting. - Extra modules: S.O.S, filming cameras, IoT sensor platform, alert system, e-mobility, etc.

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Already on the market

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Looking for companies or physical persons deploying smart city solutions. More specifically, a partner specialized in public tenders to collaborate in the introduction of smart city furniture in smart cities. The cooperation type may be a joint venture to submit together a bid proposition.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500