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Development of novel immunotherapies against COVID19 based on chimeric virus like particles

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The Spanish biotech has a proven platform technology of chimeric virus like particles that would display selected antigens to elicit strong immune responses in humans. The company is looking for partners who could support the screening and selection of COVID19 antigens for the prototyping and partners who could demonstrate the immunogenicity and efficacy of prototypes against COVID19 under commercial agreements with technical assistance, research cooperation and joint venture agreements.



The Spanish biotech company works with a platform technology consisting of chimeric virus like particles that would display selected antigens to elicit strong immune responses in humans.

The company is looking for the generation of a novel immunotherapy against COVID19 using chimeric virus like particles. The aim of this project is to carry out a preclinical proof of concept of a prototype.

The project will consist of 3 main phases:
1-Design of prototypes. Based on the state of the art, antigenic peptides will be selected to be loaded in the inner or outer surface of the chimeric virus like particle. A library of dozens of prototypes/cell lines would be developed. Sequences will be considering different clonation strategies, antigenic peptides (targeting humoral & cellular responses), combinations and repetitions, production hosts (pichia, mammalian, etc.). A partner with deep knowledge in the immunogenicity of COVID will be desired here.

2-Screening & production. Once the libraries are constructed, transformations/transfection and productions at bench scale will be carried out. Those activities will allow to screen between the different prototypes to finally select a couple of them. The production process would be also established including the operation units, the required in process control and quality analysis. The company has the experience to conduct those experiments through the preclinical space compiling the required information for the chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) part of the investigational medicinal product dossier (IMPD) which will facilitate the subsequent clinical phases if the project succeeds.

3-Immunogenicity & efficacy in vitro/in vivo tests. Samples would be produced according to the previous activity to be tested in vitro or in vivo using animal models. The most suitable model would be selected by a partner with the strong expertise and capabilities to carry out these kinds of evaluations.

The company is interested in partners with know-how to design the prototypes and the know-how and capabilities to develop the immunogenicity and efficacy in vitro/in vivo tests, under a technical cooperation agreement or a joint venture agreement for partners who wish to set-up a new venture with the company to exploit the new immunotherapy.

The company is also interested in partners to participate in European projects to finance COVID19 related initiatives under a research cooperation agreement. However, prior to deciding the most interesting option, the construction of a robust proposal and finding the most suitable partners are first mandatory.

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The expertise sought include companies, universities and research centres with expertise in the immunology of COVID19 to be applied in the design of the prototypes and contract research organizations (CRO) expert in conducting preclinical proof of concepts with the obtained prototypes.

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Concept stage

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The company is looking for partners to develop the following activities (type of partner and role included in the descriptions): -Partners specialized in the immunology of COVID19 from universities to R&D institutions and all sizes of companies, able to guide the design with the selection of the most immunogenic epitopes. These partners will be involved in the design of prototypes (phase 1). -Partners specialized in the preclinical proof of concept experiments, able to design, conduct and analyse the results with the generated prototypes. These partners will be involved in the immunogenicity & efficacy in vitro/in vivo tests (phase 3). A technical cooperation agreement and research cooperation agreements are sought with partners wishing to work with the company to participate in the project from the concept stage to the market. A joint venture agreement is sought with partners who wish to set-up a new venture with the company to exploit the new therapy.

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500