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Device to immobilise buses from unauthorised persons with malicious intent

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A UK company has developed a standalone electronic device to provide enhanced control over who is authorised to drive a vehicle, which incorporates a smart card. The immobiliser device is able to integrate with existing third party equipment on a bus such as telematics and smart ticket machines, to ensure that only an authorised driver can start the bus. They are seeking bus companies interested in having the device installed by the company via commercial agreement with technical assistance.



A common cause for concern among bus operators is the potential for unattended vehicles to be driven away by unauthorised persons with malicious intent. This misuse can raise insurance premiums, destroy vehicles and cause loss of life, with vehicles stolen for reasons ranging from 'joyrides' to terrorism.

A common feature on today's buses is smart ticketing machines that require an authorised driver to log on before the ticket machine will function. The UK company's immobiliser can utilise the log in function of the ticket machine to enable the ignition and/or start functions of the bus, via a driver's smart card.

The device can be adapted and fitted by the UK company to a specific bus ticketing system and can be incorporated within a driver's existing company smart card. If the bus is broken down or abandoned, the bus company can provide a pin number to police or towing companies to start the vehicle in the absence of the driver's smart card.

They are seeking bus companies throughout Europe that want to incorporate this additional security system into their buses, and can be adapted to existing equipment on a range of buses. They offer ongoing service support and installation of the devices via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The system has the following features: - Ignition inhibit - Start inhibit - RJ45 Key activation - Ticket machine interface - Keypad interface - LED Indication of operation - Flange mounted ABS (anti-breaking system) Box - Dual RJ45 Port - Universal fitting - 12V or 24V supply - Full circuit protection - Multi-choice inputs - Tamper proof - Easy integration - OE (original equipment) and retrofit - 3 year warranty

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Type: Industry Activity of partner: Transport/bus company Specific role of partner sought: Implementation of system in their fleet of buses.