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Distribution and private label manufacturing agreements sought for innovative Belgian brand specialized in hot beverages and drink machines dedicated to businesses.

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Long lasting Belgian company with a strong position in Europe is looking for business partners to expand on new markets its simple but universal concept based on beverage consumables for the "Out of Home" segments and their related machines. The extensive and qualitative ranges of beverage solutions (roasted coffee beans, ground coffees, cartridges, teas, ...) and drink appliances can be distributed under the own Belgian brand or via private label manufacturing agreements on long term basis.



Inspired by offering a personalized offer and quality coffee, the Belgian SME is an internationally active supplier of beverage solutions and products to diversified professional structures: from small businesses with 5 to 50 people to large multi-site accounts since 1972. The company motivation is to allow its clients' employees to be in a good mood and to be able to appreciate their work thanks to their drink solutions. The firm employs around 60 people. Its head office is located in the South of Belgium but the company has 1 site in the north of Belgium, 11 in France and 1 in Denmark in order to stay close to its customers. Besides the domestic activities, the company has a network of local independent branches in several foreign markets and more than 15 distributors in 13 countries worldwide. The company has developed innovative solutions based on hot beverage consumables and their related machines. Company targets small and medium-sized SME to subsidiaries of international firms and offers global solutions based on four actions: consumables, drink machines, services and proximity. Its activity is organized around 3 units:

(1) sale and manufacturing of products: coffees, different kind of teas, cocoa, soups, biscuits and accessories packaged depending the product in cartridges, soluble in bulk, beans in bulk and/or capsules. Some products are also dedicated to table top machines, company brand cartridge system, capsules as well as all the accessories needed to supply hot beverage services to customers. The diversified range of beverages is renowned for their high quality. The company has its own range of products but it also acts as supplier of other international and well known brands.

(2) distribution of beverage vending machines: cartridges, capsules, automatic multi-beverages machines and water fountains. The company's multibeverages system with cartridges is captive and can be used with 2 simple company brand machines: which require little maintenance, often used in industrial environment, cafetarias in companies. With the another Belgian brand dispenser, the cartridges can be used at all places where hot water is available and could f.ex. be used near a table top coffee machine to enlarge the offer of drinks. The cartridges are produces by the SME itself in Belgium.

(3) services and maintenance activities on local market.

Having an aim to develop its 16 representatives' distribution network into new markets, the company is looking to cooperate with trade intermediaries such as distributors or representatives to merchandise its beverage products and/or machines for the multibeverages system with cartridges on external markets. Cooperation will be based on a distribution services agreement. The partnership is based on trust and transparency where a win/win situation for both companies is the basis for a long lasting cooperation. Belgian SME targets a network of local distributors for their knowledge on the local market. Local distributor offers a complete range of products and accessories for hot beverage solutions but could also offer companies abroad a possibility to enlarge their actual range with some of their products. As the company has a range of products under private label, it can offer good margins to the distributor. The SME will informed their futur partners of all novelties via calls with the international key account manager. All promotional material such as samples, instagram or LinkedIn posts will be provided by the Belgian company. Depending on the local market of the distributor, the company could supply the products needed related the its complete range of hot beverage solutions. The firm offers a qualitative delivery service from its central warehouse in France, with strong focus on the shelf life.

Also, the company can act as manufacturer for white label production under manufacturing agreements

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The company has 40 years of experience and operates mainly in the main European countries. It’s recognized for its strong high identity based on a personalized global service and offer with its wide diversified range of "à la carte" products. The company has already paid attention to environmental compatibility in its range and will continue to do so in the future. Their cartridges will be in recycled material, in every product range a bio choice is available, no plastic cups and stirrers are avaiable but are replace by wood or carton or reusable items.The capsules are Rainforest Alliance + CO2 neutral certified and are produces of 70 % recycles aluminium. Depending the range and product, the company guarantee absence of allergens or GMO, Fair trade certifications controlled by Fair for Life and 100% agricultural ingredients. Above all, the company strives to be close to its customers and offer them tailor-made solutions from its wide range of products including: - highest product quality and taste (pleasant acidity, no bitterness); - choice, quality and top-notch service; - compact and simple cartridge system; - cartridge multi drink and machines; - machines are available in different colors; - cup dispensers attached with magnets and removable; - large portfolio of cartridges (cf. pictures); - International brand espresso machine capsules; - large range of instant, beans and specialties coffees (Mokka, Espresso, Deca, Premium, Fairtrade, Intenso, Special blend, cream, dolce cream, Pure Arabica, Bio …); - portfolio of specialties (cacao, soups, coffee specialties, tea, …); - organic beverage range; - eco-range cups and water bottles including features such as cartons pe, bio sourced, compostable, cups, mugs, washable, eco bamboo, tritan and isotherm; - independent groceries assortment including tea, infusions and cold infusions; - wood and bamboo stirrers.

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[ First type of partners sought: trade intermediates ] - Expertise sought: knowledge of beverages market and very good contact with the client, relevant portfolio of small and medium-sized companies, subsidiaries and international companies. - Role of partner sought: 1. Promote Belgian company range to its existing customers, either fully or in addition to the existing range. Three times a year commercial actions will be proposed; 2. Supply SME’s with hot drinks, machines, cold drinks, biscuits & accessories and reach new markets in the framework of distribution agreements. - Regarding the tasks to be performed by the partner sought: 1. Offer Belgian company products on the distributor's local market, possibly in addition to their existing range; 2. Develop, manage and drive dealer networks, whether they are independent or not, offering a comprehensive service which is close to their customers; 3. Offer to local client representative service and visits them on a regular basis so that they don’t have to worry about the drinks supply; 4. Maintain the long- term satisfaction guaranteed to local clients; 5. Ensure maintenance representation with local clients when they meet any problem with their dispenser; 6. Analyse clients long term and temporary needs (ex. lend temporarily other dispensers for client events, propose promotions and exceptional personalized offers, ...); 7. Develop, manage and drive dealer networks, whether they are independent or not, offering a comprehensive service which is close to their customers; 8. Take responsibility for negotiate and enter into a contract of sale on a principal supplier behalf. - Agreements type: partnership will take the form of distribution agreements. The distributor would sell products to their own customers on exclusive or non exclusive basis. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [ Second type of partners sought: partners with white label manufacturing needs ] - Role of partner sought: order white label product for their activities. - Agreements type: partnership will take the form of manufacturing agreements.


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