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Distributors and agents are sought by Armenian herbal tea producer

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This Armenian company is specialized in production of a wide range of herbal teas. The company’s production is well known in Armenian market, and currently they want to expand their production worldwide. The company is looking for agents and distributors who can help to find new markets.



This Armenian company, established in 2014 in Kotayq Region, is specialized in the production of herbal teas.
In particular, the company offers a wide range of herbal assortments - cherry leaves, lime leaves, pomegranate leaves, chamomile, mint, black currant leaf, melissa, thyme, hypericum, etc.
The company's product range includes:
- Mountain bouquet tea: contains a mix of 8 types of herbs and rose petals picked up from the ecologically pure highlands of Armenia. This herbal mix is useful at cardiovascular diseases, it removes toxins from the organism, regulates the nervous system, and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is recommended for insomnia.
- Flower triad tea: contains a mix of 3 types of herbs picked up from the ecologically pure highlands of Armenia. This herbal mix regulates blood pressure, cleans the organism from the harmful effect of alcohol and drugs. It is useful for the regulation of digestion, as well as it has refreshing and re-creative significance.
- Royal tea: contains a mix of 7 types of herbs picked up from the ecologically pure highlands of Armenia. This herbal mix is useful for immunity improvement. It has antipyretic, vessel cleansing, anti-inflammatory properties, reduces hemoglobin content in blood, and slows down the aging process of the organism.
- Immuno tea: contains a mix of 7 types of herbs picked up from the ecologically pure highlands of Armenia. This herbal mix contains a large number of vitamins and microelements. It stimulates protective properties and promotes regulation of metabolism, immune system and gastrointestinal tract, and blood purification as well.
The herbal teas include plants from the highlands of Armenia, which have not only a good taste and pleasant aroma but also are endowed with the property of a healing number of health problems. The groups trained by the company’s specialists gather every wild plant at specific times of the day, which increases the usefulness of the plant, and the quality of the raw materials collected from forests, mountains, and highlands is conditioned by the favorable climatic conditions of regions.
The production of the company is mainly sold in local supermarkets, grocery stores, and cafes. The company has already exported its production to Russia.
Having an aim to expand a volume of its production and to enter the new markets, the company is looking for agents and distributors in the framework of commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

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- The company does not use any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors; - The production has nice designed packaging; - The company produces tea mixes and tea, some of which have a medicinal and sanative effect on human physical and mental health; - The company is equipped with all modern technical and sanitary-hygienic conditions matching with European standards; - The recycling of raw materials is done in a natural way without chemical intervention; - The company is already engaged in transnational cooperation.

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Agents having good contacts of cafes, restaurants and hotels are sought to singn commercial agency agreements. Distributors of food products and beverages are sought to sell the company's product in the foreign markets under the distribution services agreement.


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