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Dried ingredients leaves separating technology

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Lithuanian company producing herbal medicine and specialising in herbal tea production is seeking for an advanced AI (Artificial intelligence) enabled technology, that would help to select and separate required quality dried plant leaves. Technology would be able to learn and increase the process efficiency, which is currently very heavily labour intensive. The company is seeking for a partner to work under the joint venture or technical cooperation agreement.



One of the leading herbal medicinal tea manufacturers in Lithuania is scouting for a technology that would enable them to automate their currently very labour intensive herbal tea manufacturing process.

The company is scouting for the technology that would be able to fully automate ingredients sourcing process. Currently company receives their ingredient from a variety of different suppliers. All delivered ingredients needs to be filtered and checked for the quality to pick out badly dried plants pieces or remove possible other plants pieces that accidentally got missed in. This process currently is very labour and time intensive, where staff working on the production line with years of experience and knowledge gathered through their work select each dried plan pieces by hand. This is a rather lengthy and time consuming process.
The company is aiming to increase their production output and requires technology that would aid this process with the aim to be able to completely automate this process in the long run.

Company is looking for a partner, who will be able to design such technology and would be willing to work under the joint venture or technical cooperation agreement.

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Technology must be able to scan and deselect unwanted dried ingredients pieces at a high speed. Ideally this technology would be fully AI enabled and also work as part of an existing automated production line.

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The company is seeking for a technical cooperation partner, who would either have already existing solution or would be able to create a solution that would fit specific company needs. Partner would undertake all research and development duties with company acting as a testing site and eventually the interested party to purchase the technology. The company would also consider joint venture agreement for such cooperation.