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Dutch company of blend meat and vegetarian products based on exotic mushrooms is looking for distribution partners and butchers

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A Dutch SME, developer and processor of vegetarian and blend-meat products is looking for distributors and butchers for innovative products for the fresh segment. A distribution, respectively manufacturing agreement is offered



Vegetarian products are often pre-fried and added with conservatives. This Netherlands based company develops and produces vegetarian and blend-meat products for the fresh segment. Products are based on exotic mushrooms to imitate meat bite and juiciness.

The company develops mushroom based products to reduce animal-based food consumption. On one hand it provides semi-finished products which makes food processors and butchers able to produce their own blend-meat and vegetarian products. On the other hand, it provides finished products for catering, food service and retail.

To keep the natural bite, flavors and nutrition, the blend-meat and vegetarian products are not pre-fried, have clean ingredients and are stored in 0-4°C.

In the framework of a distribution agreement, the company is looking for fresh meat distributors to catering chains and food retail.
A manufacturing agreement is offered to butcher shops, that want to use the mushrooms in their innovative products for meat substitution.

Advantages & innovations

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Innovations - Blending of different mushrooms and different parts of mushrooms creates mushroom meat, which is an ideal ingredient for replacing animal meat. - By maintaining the animal meat bite and juiciness it will be much easier to consume less animal protein. - Less meat is better for environment, animal welfare and our planet in general. - It's healthier because low fat and no cholesterol - Fresh segment was recently added to their assortment

Partner sought

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The company is looking for business partners in the framework of a - Distribution agreement with food processors of vegetarian products. - Manufacturing agreement with meat processors to blend up to 50% of mushroom protein in meat dough with preserving animal meat structure, e.g. burger with 50% mushroom meat. - Distribution agreement with companies/ retailers interested in vegan/vegetarian products and meat products with a substantial part mushroom meat. Distributors should have a network in the horeca and food retail.