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Dutch company looking for distribution services or license agreement with European partners for its light electric vehicles

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Dutch company dealing in the development and distribution of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) for European entrepreneurs, particularly in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, is looking for partners with international experience who wish to collaborate in the form of a distribution services agreement or license agreement.



The company was founded in 2018 by two automotive experts who decided to bundle their knowledge about the automotive industry, varying from start-ups to big corporates into a new business.
This Dutch company develops and distributes Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) for European entrepreneurs. The vehicles fall in the L7e homologation category, but have the same functionalities as a fully (electric) freight vehicle. The company is looking for customers, service- and dealer partners, and possibly other organisations that would be open for collaboration as a distributor or in the form of a license agreement. Partners are sought in particular in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.The creation of a win-win situation is key.

Advantages & innovations

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Dutch company develops, distributes and imports light electric vehicles (LEVs) for urban European entrepreneurs, particularly in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In comparison to other LEV-competitors, the electric vehicles that this company offers have a longer range, are safer because of the metal cabin and can go a lot faster. This increased speed also allows for these vehicles to drive on higher-speed roads, increasing your travel possibilities. Compared to fossil fueled vehicles, these electric vans have a lower cost-of-ownership, almost no CO2 emissions, and can maneuver more easily through traffic. These LEVs not only contribute to a decrease in CO2 emissions but also to the efficiency of package deliveries, and the optimal use of urban space. The vehicles on offer are thus not only better for the environment, but also better for the efficiency and profitability of your business. Above all this company would be a good partner due to its expertise, transparency and product quality.

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International experience is preferred and partner should be professional, transparent and interested in the products on offer. The core activity of its business does not precisely fall into one of the NACE codes, but the codes closest to our activities are the following ones: G45.1.1, G45.1.9 and N77.1.1.

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Already on the market

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Looking for a distributors who preferably already have international experience. Partner should be professional, transparent and interested in the products on offer.

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SME <10


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Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden