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Dutch company seeks agents to extend business for high-end structural health (tilt and vibration) monitoring system

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A Dutch SME delivers a deformation monitoring system for buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, railways, machinery and landslides. The system records tilt (x,y) at 100Hz to a twenty-five thousandth degree accuracy. It also records vibrations (x,y,z) up to 400 Hz. The company seeks partners such as engineering companies, safety boards and research facilities under an agency agreement.



A Dutch SME had developed a system which records hundred times per second to a twenty-five thousandth degree accuracy subsidence, deformation, vibration and change in angle of all possible objects. The system can also be used for rise- and subsidence mapping of large area’s.

The system is a proven technology and is extremely accurate. All sensors and data acquisition processing unit is put in 1 compact design. The sensor units can be used as a daisy chain system and offers real time 24/7 data, enabling fast problem detection.
The collected data is sent over the internet to a database, and the history of all movements is recorded. The software makes it possible for the customer, to watch real time via the internet the status of any object. In addition to this active monitoring the system can send automated email- or SMS alerts. Unusual situations and incidents are reported to the customer within fifteen seconds after an event has occurred.

The system comes with an integrated management tool and supports additional data input such as weather and tidal data.

The clients are provided with a 3D animation which gives a clear general overview of complex objects. This animation gives the possibility to easily zoom in on each individual sensor.

Their main work areas are currently structural health monitoring of buildings, bridges and railway embankments, dike and dam monitoring and subsidence monitoring.
The Dutch company wants to cooperate with partners within a agency agreement in which the partner can sell the product and offer services of support and maintenance.

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- The sensor system is easily scalable over large area’s. The sensor units are IP68+, making it possible to work under extreme weather conditions and even under water. - Sensor measures any deviation or vibration between twenty-five thousandth and 1 per cent of standaard position of the builing or structure. - System provides 3D visualisation making vibrations/deviations visible very accurately, allowing users to respond to critical situations quickly and adequately. - The system saves all data to chart and analyse changes and patterns over a longer period of time. - The system can be stored inside structures (e.g. dykes) as well as being attached to walls (e.g. sky scrapers, bridget, etc.)

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Already on the market

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The Dutch company seeks engineering companies, safety boards and research facilities as partners. The partners can also be companies with more than 251 and >500 employees and R&D institutions. Type of partnerships sought is an agency agreement, where partner will resell the sensors on the respective markets. The exact details of the agreement will be discussed in the negotiation stage.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250