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Dutch company seeks distributors in the field of health -, sports - or elderly care for their sports balm product (over the counter product -OTC-) and massage oil

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This Dutch company has developed a sports balm for quick recovery from sports injuries and a 100% natural massage oil. The sports balm is developed for athletes, elderly people and for general purpose (homely use) for all kinds of muscular- and joint problems. The natural oil is used by physiotherapists, masseurs and therapists in general. The company offers a distribution agreement for potential partners.



This Dutch company has developed a sports balm for quick recovery from sports injuries. Once the sports balm is applied to the traumatized area it stimulates the blood circulation whilst one of the ingredients immediately starts to break down the waste cells. This almost 93% natural ointment has a direct active effect and brings remarkable effects for people that suffer from all kinds of muscular- and joint disorders. It can be applied on people with sensitive skins.

The company also developed a 100% natural massage oil, for the use in for example massage -, physiotherapy practices and sport clubs.

Qualities and features of their sports balm:
• Rapid recovery from sports injuries
• Developed by top physicians for athletes
• Helps to prevent sports injuries
• No skin irritation, directly absorbed by the skin not leaving a residue, no sticky feeling but a smooth dry skin
• Helpful tool in physical therapy or in combination with massages and can be used as base for medical taping concepts (Kinesio tape)
• Convenient squeeze tube

Since 2011 their products are available in 15 countries across Europe, China, Saudi Arabia, several Gulf States and the US. They cooperate with sport chains like Asics and institutes for massage and physiotherapy products. The products are also offered by several well-known pharmaceutical suppliers in the Netherlands and the Baltic States.

Potential partners:
• Are offered the whole range of products or specific products which they require.
• Operated in the field of sport products, massage- and physiotherapy products, pharmaceutical suppliers (OTC), (sport)medical wholesale companies, companies that supply pharmacies and companies that supply elderly care products.

The company is interested in partners in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Rumania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia.

The company seeks distributors for their portfolio and offers a distribution service agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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• The balm works preventive as well as for recovery of sore muscles and joints, with direct and remarkable results. • High and direct effectiveness directly after application on the affected area. • Natural product that does not contain painkillers. • In case of preventive use it will result in a delay in the acidification. • This balm can also be used as base for medical tape constructions (kinesiology tapes), without effecting the stitch of the tape. • A well-known product by (top)athletes in various sports. • Their balm is an OTC product.

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Already on the market

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The company seeks for partners that have a national coverage of its products, or has a network of dealers or sub-distributors which distribute the products throughout their own country. Distributors can be suppliers (wholesale companies) of sport or sport medical products, pharmaceutical suppliers that supply pharmacies, suppliers in elderly care products and suppliers of physiotherapy and massage products. They offer a collaboration in the framework of a distribution service agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250