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Dutch company specializing in IT and cyber security event management seeks partners for commercial agency agreements

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Dutch company offers cyber security services worldwide, for example mobile device management, VPN-certificates and high-level security smartphones. The services are specifically tailored to the users' needs. The company seeks partners abroad for commercial agency agreements.



The Dutch cybersecurity company focuses on security solutions for mobiles and internet.
It develops high assurance mobile and IoT (endpoint) solutions for clients such as critical infrastructures, defense and national security organizations.
The company delivers protective secure mobile solutions against eavesdropping, tampering, espionage or interception to safeguard sensitive and critical information and communication of decision-makers within the organization.

The Dutch company has the capacity and resources to deliver large, complicated projects to safeguard – in collaboration or solitary – entire departments, organizations, municipalities or governments mobile communication and end-points.

The Dutch company has developed expertise in high assurance critical IoT protection. Providing both real-time physical security and cyber security solutions to protect your IoT infrastructure(s).
The high demand for innovative interconnected networks and IoT in organizations come along with many possible threats and vulnerabilities. An insignificant incident can have significant repercussions and disrupt an organization, city or country. The security of IoT apparatus and networks is becoming more crucial every day.

The company offers worldwide real time cyber security services from its 2 cyber centers located in the Netherlands.
The company seeks international partners who are looking to gain the advantage of scrutiny of any incoming threats, IR (Incident Response) and alerts to IT and OT (Operational Technology) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, while saving the high costs of an expensive solution.

The company's valuable services are based on reliable platform and analysts and are tailored to the needs of organizations of various sizes. Businesses can be easily disrupted, even disabled and the privacy of customer databases compromised, in the lack of proper preparedness.

The company offers services that are complementary to the protective measures that organization may have, such as firewalls and anti-virus, risk assessment, vulnerability and compliance verification services, IR (incident response), forensics and above all – 24/7 monitoring are now available to SMEs and SMBs that are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
The services offered will increase the tone of the organization. An ideal company will have a minimum of 100 computers or alternatively – obtain critical industrial automation network.

Considering growing cyber threats, the company would like to offer its services to expand its client base and help businesses defend their IT assets. It therefore, seeks partners, such as consultants in the cyber security field who can act as agents for their service under commercial agency agreements.

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• already in international cooperation • high level of know-how the company holds which helps to cooperate with leading companies • 24/7 cyber monitoring for worldwide companies using platform and allows quick response • Highly experienced analysts operate their CSOC around the clock - which ensures professional spotting and handling of alerts. • A comprehensive array of cyber security services including risk assessments, vulnerability, compliance, forensics, IR and solutions for critical industrial automation networks OT / SCADA • Flexible and very competitive pricing model, including retainer-based solutions and financing. • Solutions are specifically tailored and affordable for all kinds of SMBs and SMEs

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Already on the market

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Consultants and other cyber security specialists operative in the field and willing to act as commercial agents.