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Dutch contract manufacturing company in China offers manufacturing solutions for medical devices

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Applications for Health
Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering
Diagnostic services
Disposable products
Handicap aids
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Manufacture of other plastic products
Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
Manufacture of other furniture
Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
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Based in Haarlem this Dutch SME offers manufacturing or outsourcing agreement for development and production of medical devices in their assembly facility in Shanghai, China, under European management. Components are manufactured in their audited network and they assemble and test the sub-assemblies and final products in-house in Shanghai. The SME is looking for brandowners who need a manufacturing partner to reduce total cost and ensure stable and reliable quality.



This Dutch contract manufacturing company and product development partner is specialized in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and quality control of medical devices or subassemblies in China. The company has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certifications and it engages its audited network of reliable Chinese component manufacturers in casting, extrusion, bending, machining and welding for plastic, aluminium and metal products to reduce total manufacturing costs and ensure stable and reliable quality. Since 1998 this company realized mobility solutions such as: powered legrests for wheelchairs, walkers, arm support brackets and they also developed physiotherapist equipment, medical furniture and lighting fixtures.

The company offers their in-house design and engineering capability to optimise a partner company's product design for production in serveral stages of the design process:
to create new products from scratch, prototyping or manufacturing.The company also offers tool design of moulds and type approval testing. When the company designs a product, or works with a designer, it keeps the production process in mind from the beginning and advises on material selection to save costs, time and create a quality product. The company offers several prototyping options to test a product before commencing mass production. These prototyping options include: 3d-printing, conventional CNC prototyping, foam modelling, reverse engineering, vacuum molding and rapid tooling (i.e. producing a small quantity for testing).
The company's engineers conduct reliability testing and they work together with local regulatory institutions to ensure compliance (UL-certification, CE-marking and VDE-certification) from the beginning. The company tests the products directly in China to cut down the time to certification. The Chinese suppliers are selected in accordance with the certification's requirements. The Dutch compay also checks and verifys all their suppliers' auditing processes and origins of certifications.

Manufacturing moulds in China is considerably cheaper than in the EU or US. Because of this Dutch company's years of experience and supplier network, it can offer high quality moulds for a competitive price.

The company works with trusted suppliers and assembles the final product in its own secured assembly space. That way not one party has complete knowledge of the final product and intellectual property is protected. The assembly space is located near Shanghai and covers over 2,500 m2.

This company offers a partnership to European companies looking to start or scale-up production of their medical products, product parts or devices. The partnership envisaged has open en direct communication and the European partner needs to be able to provide clear instructions in terms of requirements or 2D and 3D drawings. A manufacturing agreement or outsourcing agreement is offered.

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The unique selling points of this company are: *In house assembly facility in Shanghai, China, to secure intellectual property rights (IP) *Low-quantity, high-mix manufacturing options in China: Because of strong ties with suppliers, the company can offer flexible manufacturing options for both small and large quantities.

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This Dutch SME is looking for brandowners of medical devices who do not have enough time/ capacity to build and manage their own manufacturing and assembly network in China. They are focused on building relationships, since this is one of the key aspects for manufacturing in China (considering that tooling investments usually result in long term partnerships and the Chinese culture) Requirements for a successful partnership are detailed 2d and 3d drawings, open and direct communication and a solution focused mindset. Cooperation is offered in the framework of a manufacturing agreement or an outsourcing agreement.

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SME 11-50