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Dutch identity verification provider is looking for agents

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The Dutch company specializes in ID-document validation with owner verification in real time. Fast, accurate and secure identity checks using a smartphone app. ID-documents of over 200 countries are supported. Helps prevent ID fraud and data leaks. The company is looking for resellers and product (co-)developers for any sector in need of ID-verification as-a-Service. Partnership could be in the form of a commercial agency agreement.



The Dutch company offers an innovative way for enterprises and organizations of all sizes to securely establish identities.

The identity verification tool consists of an easy to use app that runs on any smartphone and that captures data from any ID-document, both optical and via near-field communication (NFC). ID-documents of over 200 countries are supported. The app can be used by customer’s employees or remotely by a one-time invitee. Users do not need to be trained. By using an app a ‘closed process’ is offered to ensure that no personal data is left behind anywhere in the process. The verification result is typically available within 15 seconds and includes a secure report that proves that identification was done thoroughly.

Typical use scenarios / target markets are:
• Temporary employment agencies
• Payrolling
• Enterprise HR
• Accountants
• Financial services advisors
• Law and notary firms
• Trust agencies
• House lease corporations
• Lease companies
• Real estate agencies
• Anyone that needs to facilitate Subject Access Requests (SAR)

The Dutch SME is looking for new partners in the frame of a commercial agency agreement in Europe.

Advantages & innovations

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The company’s identity verification tool offers the following value: • No more hassle of dealing with unreliable copies of ID-documents, because now the originals can easily be processed. • End-to-end service offering secure and GDPR-conformant verification of identity documents. • Plug-and-play, no upfront investments or ICT implementation needed. • Secure APIs enable integration with proprietary services. • State-of-the-art technology can now be used by businesses of any size. • Easy verification of identities for persons who are at remote locations. • First generally available verification service to include smartphone NFC reading of the ID-document's chip, giving the highest level of assurance • Dramatic decrease of the time it takes to truly verify ID-documents and their holders • Saves costs and enhances customer satisfaction

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The company is looking for partners that want to resell this ID verification solution in a distinct region or sector. These partners may for instance include the ID verification solution as part of their, broader service offering. Examples of this are an existing vertical application (e.g. Vendor Management System), an online identity services provider or a digital signing platform. Other types of partnership can be offered and discussed with the Dutch company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500