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Dutch manufacturer of antiperspirant is looking for distributors

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Hospital and other institutional management
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Since 2005 this Dutch SME owns various exclusive recipes of antiperspirants that provide protection against perspiration and odors for on average 5-days (guaranteed) to pharmacists, hospitals, chemists, department stores and on-line both nationaly and internationaly. The products are delivered in bulk as spray or gel or packaged for private label sales. To extend its presences in foreign markets the company is looking for distributors with access to the mentioned sales channels.



This Dutch company has succesfully sales according its exclusive recipes for antiperspirants in the Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

The product protects its user against perspiration and bad smelling odor up to 5-days. It can be safely used on all normal skin types in many areas of the body and is mostly applied under arms and on feet.

Since 2005 the company succesfully sells this over the counter (OTC) product as private label to distributors owning their own brands to pharmacists, hospitals, chemists, department stores and on-line. Production is done in The Netherlands and the products can be delivered in bulk as a spray or a gel. If packaging is required the company offers the antiperspirant in bottles with spray, in roll-on, tube or in dispenser.

To increase sales in foreign countries the company is now looking for distributors that want to extend their offer and ad a perspirant to their brand.

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The antiperspirant: * is laboratory tested on 5-days working. * surpassed all dermatology, allergy, skin reaction and efficacy trials. * official lab reports available. * products leave no white marks on clothing.

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This Dutch company is looking for distributors having a strong network of pharmacists, hospitals, chemists, department stores or an on-line presence that can provide sales in their region. The foreign partner will either buy the perspirant in bulk and package it him-/herself or he/she can provide the needed information on their own brand so the Dutch company can arrange the packaging of the product. Cooperation is offered in the framework of a distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250