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Dutch producer looking for importer/distributor for Scandinavia in lighting branch

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Home furnishing and housewares
Retail sale of electrical household appliances in specialised stores
Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialised stores


A Dutch scale-up company with the mission to design clever solutions for everyday struggles encountered at home to make life easier. With this philosophy in mind, the company created an innovative product, that has found its way into many Dutch households since 2015. Now it is time to expand to Scandinavia with this product and therefore the company is looking for an importer or distributor in Scandinavia with an active network in the lighting industry.



The company is a scale-up company that has been established in 2015 and is active in the lighting branch. Both the company's headquarters and warehouse are located in the Netherlands. The sold products are shipped from the Netherlands to Europe, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavian countries. Current main markets are the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The target audience of the business is both B2B and B2C and includes wholesale trade within Europe but also homeowners and households who are in need of the product.

The company is experienced in working together with a technical wholesaler in Europe and holds a patent on their product. Constant development and improvement of the product's concept is important to the business, which strives to improve and expand the product with time and demand.

Currently, the company is focusing on selling one product and expanding the distribution of it within Europe and Scandinavia. The product belongs to the lighting branch and is a suspension system for pendant lamps that allows quick adjustment of the light source of a room.

Since the company is aiming to expand to Scandinavian countries specifically, an importer or distributor in Scandinavia who has an active network in the lighting industry is required.

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The product is an exclusive suspension system for pendant lamps which ensures light is always in the right place. With a sleek and functional design, the product makes it easy for the user to turn, rotate, and interchange lamps without much effort. The product developed by the Dutch organization is an already established product in the Netherlands which has found its way into the home of Dutch and Belgian households since 2015. It is especially the solution for people who enjoy changing their interior frequently. Whether a table needs to be turned for a party or moved out of the way, or the layout of the room is getting an overall makeover; the product allows the light source to be at the right place without the struggle of installing new cables or drilling holes. Due to the Quick Releases at the mount and its simple installation, this product is an uncomplicated solution to an annoying problem homeowners, families, office departments and anyone with a pendant lamp in nearby reach might encounter sooner or later.

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Already on the market

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This Dutch company is looking for an importer or distributor that has at least 4 years of provable experience in the lighting branch. They need to be able to introduce their innovative product to the market in the Nordic countries. The importer or distributor will only deal with the distribution of the product within its own sales market.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden