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Dutch SME is looking for an agent in plastic injection moulded parts in Nordic countries

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A Dutch SME specialized in plastic injection moulded parts is looking for representation in the Nordic countries. They are looking for an agent active in (one of) the branches/markets; medical devices, analytical devices, industrial devices and aircraft interiors.



This Dutch manufacturer of injection moulded, coated and assembled plastic housings and technical components is looking for representation in the Nordic countries.
The injection moulding company uses injection moulding and thermoplastic foam casting (TFC) to produce plastic housings and technical components for its clients. Additionally, they offer coating, assembly and printing services. The company develops their own moulds and advises clients on the manufacturability of their plastic products.

The company offers the following products:

- Injection moulding of plastic housings and components
They use machines ranging from 15 to 2,100 tonnes to produce plastic housings and technical components.

-Thermoplastic foam casting(TFC), of plastic housings
In addition to injection moulding, thermoplastic foam casting also know as Structural Foam Moulding (SFM), is a core activity

- Coating of injection-moulded or TFC/SFM components
They have their own people and equipment for the coating of plastic housings and technical injection moulded components.

- Engineering injection moulding components
The company has a team of engineers who can turn plastic housing or technical component into a perfect injection-moulded component. They have specialists when it comes to the injection moulding, TFC, coating of plastic and assembly.

The company is now mainly active in the benelux and Germany and wants to expand towards Scandinavia. They are looking for an agent to generate sales to SME's , but also large multinationals active in markets of: medical devices, analytical devices, industrial devices and aircraft interiors.

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This Dutch company is not only an injectionmoulder but has also several assembly techniques to offer so they are able to deliver complete system-assemblies. Besided that the company offers the following inhouse techniques: painting/coating, insert assembly, glueing, ultrasonic welding, milling, tampon printing, assembly. Besides standard compact injection moulding the machines are equiped for structural foam moulding for large and rigid plastic parts. The company produce all injection-moulded products at their own production site in the Netherlands. Based on the client’s wishes, they can also provide finishing and coating services. Further has the company a focus on housing and components of medium sized series. The company is ISO 9001 certified. This certification allows them to deliver consistent quality in accordance with standard procedures and work instructions in everything they do: engineering, mould construction, injection moulding, coating and finishing. Other – stricter – standards (AS 9100 D and ISO 13485) enable them to meet the highest quality requirements in specific sectors.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for an agent for the Nordic countries who has an extensive network in and makes the first contact with customers in the medical,- analytical,- technical and aircraft interiors market for the need of injection molded parts and assemblies. The agent will make the first contact with potential clients and introduce the services of the company. The technical part will be provided by the engineers and account managers of the Dutch company. Payment will take place on a commission basis and is in the framework of an commercial agency agreement.


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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden


2100 Tonne machine for parts with a weight of approx. 10 Kg.


In house painting (solvent and water based) of injection moulded parts.