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Dutch specialist in biogas treatment solutions is looking for partners in several European countries and the USA to set up a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement

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The Dutch company is specialized in amine and membrane- based systems for biogas upgrading. The company is supplying state-of-the-art systems, which are highly automated and controlled. The company has clients all over Europe and is now looking for partners with an extensive network in the field of biogas upgrading. Specifically for France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. The company is offering a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement.



This Dutch company is an experienced specialist in biogas upgrading systems. The company supplies efficient and reliable amine and membrane systems for biogas upgrading. They design, supply, start-up, commissioning and maintain biogas upgrading installations all over Europe.

Biogas is extracted during the anaerobic fermentation of manure, agricultural waste products (co-digestion), water treatment sludge and (organic) waste. Upgraded biogas (named Biomethane or Green gas) is a sustainable and valuable energy source that makes a clear contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The company is a pioneer in the biogas upgrading market. In 1987 they built the world's first Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) plant for biogas-upgrading.
The company was also the world's first company with an amine wash system for biogas upgrading, realized in Sweden (2001). In 2005 the company built their first membrane upgrading installation in the Netherlands.

Although the amine wash system has some big advantages (low methane emission of 0.1% and low electrical consumption), the membrane system is in general more feasible for lower capacities because of the low CAPEX and no heat consumption.
For both the amine and the membrane system high-quality components are used, which results in high availability and low maintenance costs. The systems work fully automatically with an advanced control system, which quickly adjusts the installation to fluctuations in biogas and capacity. The installations can be supplied in capacities of 60-5000 Nm3/h and adapted to further customer specific requirements.
The company has extensive experience in service and maintenance of the systems and offers 24/7 support.

The company is looking for partners in Europe, in particular in France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland and the US, who have an extensive and relevant network in the field of biogas treatment. These partners should be able to line up relevant parties and suitable clients with interest in upgrading biogas to biomethane, in order to start up new projects.
The company offers a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement. Support and training will be provided for all partners.

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The company is supplying state-of-the-art amine wash and membrane systems for biogas upgrading with an extensive automation system for controlling the input and output, the capacity and optimization of the process. Characteristics of both systems are: Amine wash systems The amine washing technology is based on low pressure reversible chemical absorption, specifically designed to remove CO₂ from biogas. An essential element in this process is the absorption liquid, in this case a special amine composition This advanced technology offers: - Lowest methane emissions to atmosphere (< 0,1 %) - No methane gas losses, therefore more m3 upgraded gas - High reliability - Negligible global warming effect - Compact design - Low operation and maintenance costs - Fully unattended automatic control - Re-use of carbon dioxide possible Membrane systems The membrane process is based on the CO2/CH4 separation in hollow fiber membranes. The separating takes place depending on the molecular size and the solubility in the membrane material. The CO2 molecule permeates faster through the membranes than the methane molecule. The advanced technology offers: - High methane efficiency possible (methane losses < 0.5%) - low methane losses - low contribution to the greenhouse effect - compact and simple process - no heat use - dry process, no use of water or chemicals - reliable set-up and equipment - low operation and maintenance costs - Fully unattended automatic control - Re-use of CO2 possible It is also possible to purify the separated CO2 during biogas processing into food quality, then to liquify it and sell it as a product for the food industry. All systems are supplied with extensive remote process monitoring. This makes it easy to change settings, but it also contains a broad trending, alarm and error analysis.

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The company wants to expand its market to France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA, and is looking for partners for a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement in the field of biogas treatment. The potential partners should have an extensive energy-related network and should have a clear vision on future developments with respect to energy demand and transitions towards a more sustainable energy market. The partners should be active in the local energy market, the biomass handling or treatment market, the waste water treatment market and or waste processing market. Tasks to be performed by the envisaged partner: * The partner should identify all relevant parties and suitable customers within the biogas market where biogas re-processing can play a role. * Approach new customers. * Commercial representation when issuing tenders and quotes * Follow up and negotiate contracts * Technical assistance to the client after implementation of the system * Service support if possible Provided by the Dutch company: * Training of used technology and systems * Technical support * 24/7 service support * Preventive maintenance * Spares

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SME 11-50,SME <10