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A Dutch tent designer is looking for a European camping tent manufacturer

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A Dutch camping tent company produces, distributes and sells tents made from a special heat-blocking Polyester/Nylon material to block the heat inside the tent. It seeks an European partner for production of these tents under a manufacturing agreement.



A Dutch start-up company that makes camping tents, designs rather fast, and gives a high degree of customization to customers. The company prefers to search preferably for a European partner to produce these tents under a manufacturing agreement, but other countries outside the EU can also make an expression of interest.

The company is using a special heat-blocking Polyester/Nylon material to block the heat inside the tent. This material is used for consumer tents, but the company is also looking to expand this to a line for refugee tents. The weight of such a refugee tent should be less than 30 KG.

Advantages & innovations

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- The tent uses a special aluminium coating which reflects up to 90% of sunlight. The coating prevents the tent from absorbing infrared light, which is the light frequency responsible for heating up the tent to uncomfortable temperatures. - The tent stays much cooler than conventional tents: at an ambient temperature of 25 ºC or 77ºF regular tents will heat up to 41ºC or 105ºF, while this tent stays a comfortable 27ºC or 80ºF.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The Dutch company is looking for a manufacturing company which has sewing machines for strong Nylon/Polyester fabrics.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

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Manufacturing company with trans-national co-operation experiences, experiences with tents and in sewing strong Nylon / Polyester material, high quality expectations. The Dutch camping tent company will provide to the manufacturer the special fabric to produce the tents under a manufacturing agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Bulgaria, Hungary, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine


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