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A Dutch women’s sport brand is looking for a partner that manufactures women’s sport leggings.

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The Dutch brand is known for its stylish, feminine designs and technical performance. The products like leggings have a shaping and 'lifting' effect and can be used for any sport, such as pilates, yoga, fitness or running. The company is looking for a manufacturer of sportswear, women's leggings, that is willing to operate in the framework of a manufacturing agreement.



The company was established in 2014, and is rapidly growing with its high- quality fashionable sportswear
The quality, design and fit of the SME’s products make them unique. The fabrics have a supporting function and are shape- and colour-fast, do not pill, are quick-drying and most of their fabrics have a UV-filter.

The specifications of the fabrics indicate that it needs to be breathable, current quality is 88% polyamide, 12% elastane, 345 gr/m2, linear yield 1.68 m / kg / 2.74 m2 kg. Interlock. This thickness / weight and interlock is very important for the SME.
The Dutch company expects that the potential partner will be able to both supply and process the specified fabrics.

Last year the SME sold about 20,000 leggings a year and that's excluding tops, and the demand for these products is also growing rapitly. Currently the company sells their products via their own web-shop and fashion outlets in The Netherlands.

The Dutch brand prefers partners that are qualified with an ISO 9001:2015 certification and can provide a certificate according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

In order to keep up with the increasing demand the company is looking for a manufacturer of sportswear that is willing to operate in the framework of a manufacturing agreement.

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The advantage of the company is that they are - open to development - have a considerable experience in the textile sector - have a market position with high- quality fashionable sportswear

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The potential partner must be an established manufacturer of sportswear and have experience with manufacturing high-end products. The potential partner must also be able to supply the specified fabrics.The offered products must have a realistic price regarding the demanded quality.

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The company is interested in establishing collaborations with manufacturers SMEs to create manufacturing agreements. The partner should have a high-quality profile and expertise in the textile sector. By cooperating with European suppliers, the Dutch company wants to increase the quality of its products. To achieve this goal the SME wants to conclude a manufacturing agreement with an European partner.

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