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End-to-end solution for providing remote support with augmented reality in the field of industry 4.0

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A Spanish company, specialising in software development based on new technologies (Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Wearables), has developed a comprehensive solution that enables communication, sharing video and audio in real time and with multiple tools that, thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), facilitate the support and execution of activities remotely, without costs or travel, and generating evidence of the work carried out. The company is looking for license agreement.



The combination of AR and wearables has led to significant improvements in worker onboarding and productivity in industry. Hands-on workers can receive instructions, live remote support, complete tasks faster, maker fewer mistakes, and update records in real-time while remaining hands-free. Furthermore, AR technology has experienced a surge in demand during the pandemic due to the necessity of companies to continue their business operations virtually. To capitalize on this opportunity, industrial enterprises should seek partners and technology providers that have solutions ready to deliver value and build, integrate, and deploy augmented reality experiences as quickly and easily as possible.

In this context, the company was founded in 2014 by experts in innovative eHealth and Industry 4.0 projects, with the main aim of developing innovative solutions for improving the company’s efficiency and performance based on new wearables, IoT and AR.

The main objective of the software solution offered is to allow communication from anywhere in the world, sharing video and audio in real time. This solution is hardware agnostic, which means that it works with any type of mobile device, computer or wearables. This is key advantage for companies to freely decide which device best suits their needs. It is designed to be used in the field of Industry 4.0, responding to different needs:
• Incident resolution: allows communication with internal or external experts in real time for incident resolution, advice on start-up processes or support in maintenance tasks, improving response time without displacements.
• Occupational safety and prevention: communication and interaction with the occupational safety team, to carry out verifications of working conditions, risk prevention, audits or accident investigation, generating evidence without having to travel.
• Product validations: remote collaborative work with clients or suppliers, for the design and validation of products or verification of the work carried out, generating evidence of the verifications carried out.
• Premium customer support: Improve customers' experience through a support service that ensures communication and interaction with experts. Respond to customer or reseller needs in real time to increase end-user satisfaction.

The solution guarantees communication with precise instructions thanks to AR functionalities such as painting or writing text on the video, the digital pointer and sharing documents in real time. Other features that enhance the quality of the instructions are the remote control of the optical zoom, the torch and the secondary cameras (fixed or slave). In order to be able to follow up on the topics covered in the calls, it is possible to record evidence through image or video capture at any time, as well as its subsequent visualisation in the session history offered by the solution, with all the necessary data of each call: participants, shared files, evidence taken, messages...

The solution is successfully implemented in international large companies dedicated to the manufacture of industrial machinery or in the pharmaceutical industry, allowing daily connection between field technicians and auditors located in any location providing a faster and more efficient validation and therefore greater efficiency in the development of their processes. Therefore, the company is looking for increasing its international business development by seeking international ICT integrators, which commercialize solutions to the industrial sector, willing to collaborate under license agreements.

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Unlike other similar solutions on the market, this solution has a modular architecture that allows us to build end-to-end solutions in a scalable, flexible fashion, ensuring the integrability with the clients' systems (information technologies + operation technologies) using wearable technologies and the Internet of Things. The following innovations make this solution stand above the rest: • Flexible: the solution has its own technological architecture that serves as the base for the development of all of solutions, enabling the company to adapt to the needs of each client and to incorporate new modules at their own pace. • Hardware agnostic: the solution has been designed to be compatible with the future innovations of the technologies such as smartglasses, smartwatches, IoT, AR, ultra-wideband, beacons, etc. As a result, this solution can be adapted to different people, environment objects, and processes of complex industrial operations at runtime.

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The final customers are industries interested in contacting suppliers, customers or field service teams who need a precise and efficient communication tool. Therefore, the Spanish company is looking for international ICT integrators, willing to cooperate under license agreement. This technology can be useful for companies in the industrial sector willing to offer services based on virtual reality, wearables or digital transformation, that want to extend their offer with a modular software that will transform their services portfolio.