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Engineering company expert in sustainable solutions seeks to join a consortium under France-Spain Call EUREKA and EUROSTARS 2020

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A Spanish SME looks for joining either a consortium within France-Spain Call for EUREKA joint R&D&I projects or an EU consortium to build a proposal under EUROSTARS 2020. They can perform business capacity analysis, market analysis for commercialisation, full sustainability assessment of new technologies and processes and circular economy modelling. They seek partners for those activities via a technical cooperation agreement or a research cooperation agreement.



The Spanish SME is a technologically based enterprise specialised in applied innovation engineering and they carry out activities in 2 main areas:

1) Innovation catalysis, coaching, investment and business development. They are specialised in coaching early stage companies identifying, structuring and promoting innovative ideas from the scientific and technical point of view, either for participating in EU funded projects or for their upscaling and market up taking, by performing a full business analysis of new products, facilitating the inventor organisation to find partners and end-users.

2) Sustainable solutions, including environmental science and engineering linked to materials science. They expert in assessing the environmental, economic and social impact of new technologies, products and processes, working with tools such as Ecodesign, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA), Circular Economy modelling, environmental communication and regulatory compliance. This analysis can be developed at every stage of the project (preliminary, interim or final stage). This expertise is not an end in itself, since their sustainability assessment is always fostered by a detailed analysis of indirect risks and factors (especially socio-economic, i.e. political framework, civil society and social environment, entrepreneurial and industrial framework of a specific area or region) that can impact innovative products and vice versa.

They are currently taking part in 2 EU initiatives (European Innovation Partnership (EIP) in Raw Materials and COST ACTION 2015. CRM-EXTREME: Solutions For Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions) and they are participating in 4 EU projects (H2020/Life).

The SME has a strong and wide network of industrial and innovation partners at national and European level and can bring different expertise and stakeholders for the added value of a project.

They would like to be connected to potential partners or consortia for the EUREKA and EUROSTARS 2020 calls, in order to establish an agreement to collaborate in the proposals and future projects, via a technical cooperation agreement or a research collaboration agreement.

Next cut-off deadlines:
- France – Spain Call for EUREKA joint R&D&I projects: 10th June 2020
- Eurostars: 3rd September 2020

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The team of the Spanish SME is expert in sustainable solutions. They would be an excellent partner for any consortium that would like to assess and foster the sustainability dimension of its project proposal with consistent and recognized tools, and on the other hand, for most of all consortia looking for introducing a socio-economic dimension in their project, capable to give an added and distinguishing value to the innovation proposed. Besides the services offered, the SME can also make available its 100 Ha pilot dedicated exclusively to agriculture pilots and a 300 Ha pilot dedicated to forestry, if a demonstration area is needed to test sustainable farming or forestry management and exploitation solutions, ensuring whenever needed communication and support with Spanish public administrations.

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Available for demonstration

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The SME is looking for consortia working on project proposals under France – Spain Call for EUREKA joint R&D&I projects 2020 or EUROSTARS programme.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,SME 51-250