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[EUREKA/Eurostars2] Partners sought for development of products that apply on smart environmental sensor

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Environment Management Systems
Electrical Technology related to measurements
Sensor Technology related to measurements
Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
Measurement and Detection of Pollution
Electromedical and medical equipment
Health and beauty aids
Mobile homes
Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment


The Korean SME specializes in developing and manufacturing dust / humidity / temperature sensors. They are looking for partners by submitting the proposal of Eurostars2. The project aims to develop small environmental sensor modules for plant, farm, and home which require multiple atmosphere information. Potential partners should have expertise in sensor understanding, networking, and services to enable this product to be deployed in a smart environment.



The Korean company specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and calibrating environmental sensors, and it has supplied ten millions of products to home appliance, automotive, and smart factory for more than 10 years.
In particular, they can perform all processes from material development, synthesis to calibration, in-house and provide customers with high performance and reliability based on them.

Furthermore, they are developing a complex sensor internally, and they are also conducting trial data collection using a local area network (LoRa, etc.). With their experience and the expertise of the partners in the related field, they will be closer to achieving goals.

In other words, the company is planning on improving more advanced technology applicable on environmental sensors in order to provide higher function and credibility to their clients by submitting proposals of applications in France (4.Sep) or Switzerland (9.Sep) or multilateral (Finland, Sweden, 12.Sep) under partnership of research cooperation agreement.

Deadline for EOI: 15th May 2020
Deadline for Call: 15th June 2020
Project Duration: 104 weeks

Advantages & innovations

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1. Sensor combining and miniaturization studies are being conducted to collect information on various types of atmospheric environment 2. Experimental data collection and analysis using LoRa (Local Area Network) 3. Accurate data collection for reliable data collection. 4. They can test the performance of sensors in various environments with various test equipments. 5. Reliable air quality data will be a top indicator in many living spaces such as factories, farms, and homes.

Partner sought

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- Type of partner sought : Companies, public institutions, private institutions - Specific area of activity of the partner: Potential partners should have expertise in sensor understanding, networking, and services to enable this product to be deployed in a smart environment. - Task to be performed : Collaborate on products, services, and designs for smart environments. Partners should be able to collaborate on products, services and designes for environmental sensors which are applicable on home appliance, automotive, and smart factory under research cooperation agreement.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,251-500,SME 51-250