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EUROSTARS – photovoltaic (PV) module makers or component suppliers sought to test a new photon multiplier film

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A UK startup is commercialising a novel photon splitting film that promises to make PV modules 20% more efficient. They are seeking module makers or component suppliers to assist with making and testing prototype modules. The project will be submitted to the Eurostars programme by the 3 September cut-off date.



A UK spinout is commercialising a breakthrough photon multiplier film. It absorbs high energy photons of UV blue and green and splits them each into 2 infra-red photons that are re-emitted (from the film located within the PV module) and strike the silicon solar cells in the module. The film therefore INCREASES the number of photons incident on the silicon and so increases the power output of the module. Modelling shows that this can lead to a theoretical maximum of around a 20% increase in the power output from the silicon module. It's a passive all optical film and requires no electrical connections to the silicon solar cells. The top Picture shows it schematically.

Companies are now sought that have experience with PV module making and testing. Ideally they could do optical modelling of the photon multiplier film within the module so it is understood how the system responds to light from the sun striking the module at different angles and how it responds to light on a sunny day.

As a minimum, the partner would need to assist with making and testing prototype modules. They will be part of the module supply chain - e.g. a PV glass maker or an encapsulant provider. The bottom picture is a diagram of a PV module.

The company wishes to submit a bid by the 3rd September cutoff. Deadline for responses: 17 July. The length of the project can be negotiated with the partner but is envisaged as 104 weeks.
The partner search applies to businesses in countries who benefit from the Eurostars programme.

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European SMEs are sought who build PV modules or are part of the supply chain. They need to have the capability to make and test prototype modules. Ideally, they can also do the optical modelling for a clear understanding of the behaviour of the module under different lighting.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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